RULES FOR 2015

1)     1)  All entries must be paid for and activated to win prizes.

2)     2) The lofts will be open from 01/02/2015 & close 19/04/2015

3)    3)  All Birds must be 30 to 40 days old

4)     4) The Lofts & Races are open to all. Loft number required

5)     5) All the birds entered will be vaccinated at the lofts on arrival

6)      6) All the birds will be wing stamped with our details on arrival

7)     7) All the birds will be on the darkness system

8)     8) The Unikon timing system is used on all races & training

9)     9) Repatriation of lost birds is free within a 20 mile radius, outside this area  the carriage must  be met by the owner

10)10) Final payments must be received 7 days before the birds are received at the lofts

11)11) Replacement birds at our discretion

12)12) The prize fund will be announced once the lofts are closed to entries

13)13) All reserve birds must be activated for the 1st Hot Spot Race

14)14) There will be 4 Hot Spot Races & The Final Race

15)15) We will run an Ace Pigeon over the 4 Hot Spot Races and all birds must be clocked to continue in the Ace Pigeon Lowest flying time used

16)16) All Hot Spot Races will be closed on the 2nd night at 2100hrs or until Prizes taken

17)17) The Final race will close on the 3rd night at 2100hrs or until Prizes taken

18)18) Swap Shop Pigeons available (see separate listing)

19)19) Gold Ring Nom for 2015 @ £10 per bird.

20)20) Pools available for all races

21)21) Any prize fund monies not claimed will be split between the clocked birds and divided equal

22)22) Birds returned from Final Race can be taken back by the owner free of charge (carriage to be met by the owner) or birds can be auctioned on our 23) Auction Site with 50% to owner and 50% to the One Loft Race

23)24) Nom Races This is a Nom only race you just Nom your birds for £20 and the 1st Nom bird home wins the pot. This will be on the pools sheets

24)25)  Somerset Special. If you enter Options 1 then you can enter 1 extra bird @ £75, For Option 2, 3 or 4 you can enter 2 extra birds for £150 their Final will be from Folkestone Race prize paid out for 1st bird clocked. Final Race is at Folkestone 1st Somerset Special clocked wins the pot. Birds can be pooled, Nominated for Nom Races & Gold Rings. For birds to enter the Ypres Final a further fee of £35 to activate the bird to enter the race after the Folkestone Race.  All prizes can be won. 

25)26)  Enjoy