Last week in the BHW there was on the letters page Mr Steve Willis asking if there are Liberations that are not being told about and published in the BHW ,we all know there is, as we all know we can look at the back of the BHW and read what Liberation should be taking place , of course there are cancalations etc ! But  let us see if the BHW and the RPRA are doing for the Pigeon Fancier what it is supposed to be doing` I wrote tothe BHW informing them of our Liberations we were hoping to fulfill with dates, time, place etc, as we should , even non affilated can put them on !! well the BHW has printed our Liberation for any one to see,  Now most know we have a problem with the RPRA , i/e rules and  `ummmm` `honesty`and trustworthyness from them , which should really matter as we did it for the Pigeon Fancier to know what is happening and we can all talk to the other organastions to help try and stop `clashing ` I have a few times written to the BHW letters page with a few articals` and none printed , because there is a daft rule and a pompous few that dictate what they want now out of date (and so they should be as well ) they are stopping what they are there for to help and let the fancy know what is going on Do you remember in the Cricket world , a few of the top players had a problem and called the so called running committee a bunch of out dated pompous Old Farts` well rules were soon looked at and changed to move on , in the pigeon world they need to move on either else where or to the future, ours not there`s , but leave the pigeon running to people today, As Dave Allen says with 2/3 Regions who `WANT to do it,  with all the trouble in the rpra last year and not a lot happening now except people putting there side of the story only , and then writing about there own problems during the ` Conflict , of course if it was me or you we would stand our corner because we were right , even if we were wrong, but it seems they are wrong, but written some where in the rule book they can be right , so nothing can happen no wonder they are not trusted , the BHW writes what they want , they put adverts in for us  ( Collecting a Fee) but when it comes to what they should be doing as per most of the RPRA they don`t do it , `Puppets`  i can go on about the naughty bits of the rpra and be here for a week writing , the good bit is people are now seeing the dark side of them.  I did my bit to help with the Liberations `so why did`nt the BHW ? `Puppets` I await the excusse`s .

 This week read the letters page of the BHW , Dave Allen has written what is really the truth ` the General Manager has responded in a negative way because it is a written rule and a written answer that helps no one and covers there back , Dave Allen is right because he has been there and seen it ,as we all have and we all sat back and let them get on with it , The rpra and theBHW are just Puppets doing as they are told , by ............ people who want to think big but really have no time for you or me , i/e the reason the rpra is a mess is people doing things they no nothing about they are the reason the pigeon sport is not thriving ` along with the Raptors that they think they are beating they are getting no where with , Take the saga of the South West Region now we have them trying to form a split , could be a good idea but with who , these are the people that the now rpra have a problem with , but because we only hear there side ,no can move on` They should come clean and say the truth and stop bulling up that they are Mr Big of the pigeon world as most of the bits written always have an answer and goes round and round , and what they say beats the other lot `.    I spoke to our local farmer he asked what are the beloved Pigeon people doing to stop the Raptors ` as I told him 3 years ago what was hoped to be done !!!! he looked at me side ways , ( where then I dare not bend over ) and informed me 5 years ago they had 1 pair of  Falcons buzzing around and he could control them i/e small birds and his small ducks etc, now they have 5 prs around his 104 acres , along with 2 prs of Goss hawks , he has not put them there or given permisson , they now take his chickens, ducks and no song birds have been around his patio with a bird table big enought to house 100 small birds for lunch  for over 3 years, of course I am not to blame ? what he was on about no matter what a committee says or say they want to do will get any where as they are weak and do not have enough money to fight the fight !! that is the rpra  pretending you are pulling there strings so they look good , time out for them i am afraid , out of date out of order  and out of Trust .      









We have a few calls from people wondering what we think is wrong with the birds. This year as any all the birds are treated the same from day one , they all have the same to eat , drink , sleep , basket training , going out at the same time , and learning what we do , we have NOT changed at all really a few tweeks hare and there but not a a lot . We of course know that you send your birds to race here as that is what we do , also we have birds from all over and every single person is sending a winner !!! , and we `know that ` we treat all the birds as they come in as required , once the intake days are over , the birds get down to learning what and how we do things , a regimne is in place , not run with an iron bar , but with care and attention. In your loft you do as you feel fit and you should enjoy it ! here we need a little control so the birds know  ` the score` shall we say , when the birds start there basket training and first tosses we watch them all closely ,as this is the time the `stress comes out in some of them, Once they are over that they get there road training we start at 5 miles then progress as per most , you have the harder ones out there that send to 20 miles first toss , up to them in here we can not as we have to look after them to start, once we get to 20 miles the birds should know the routine and the system , then we will start proper training , let`s say we have a 20 mile toss on Monday , there next one is Wednesday say 25 miles ,we up slowly to start about 2 weeks before the 1st Hot Spot the training tosses are about 5 miles short of the race point  . so lets say the 4th Hot Spot aty Folkestone is on a Sunday , they will have a training toss about 10 miles short of the race point on the Monday / Tuesday before that is what we have done for 8 years and it works OK . This year is a little diffent to NO fault of ours , it has been the weather , not an excuss but fact , from 3 week June we could not get a system for the birds , July was even worse , fitting in trainers is not right , but we had to try and do some thing , the dates of the races do not matter they can be moved to suit, what does matter is the birds to have a good steady training program to keep going , this year the training has been Inconsistant as we could not keep them going for 3 days in a row , the weather has played a great part this year, it is not an excuss , all the people that train there birds in any weather etc, do as you do , it can not be done here, we are now hoping the birds can have it how it should be, take yesterday , no rain was forecast at all down here till late afternoon then only drizzle ! 8.30 it starting raining and did not stop till 7 at night,  not an excuss `Fact` July has not been good for us here to get or keep the birds going . People send in there birds in One Loft races so they should some send in 1 or 2 , and some send in 20 or so , all the birds are the same , untill they have to start the flying bit , then it is up to the bird to perform , we keep and give them the best they can get , there are people out there that give Lotions and Potions to help them perform, we just give them the stuff to keep them healhy and fit , there is no wonder drug , and please do not try and tell there is. The best tonic is winning , and a pigeon that wins is a binus to all , but I do now beleave there is a ONE LOFT type bird now out there, I do not care or worry about other One Loft set ups , but our birds here are well sort after once the racing is over , at our Yearling sale we had people that wanted One Loft birds , the ones sold were the very best you could get , People will spend £100 or £1000 on a pigeon with pedigree to get it in there loft , A One Loft pigeon will not cost any where near tham prices , and they will breed you top performing birds . Racing Pigeons will race if they have it them some race up to 100 miles some to 800 miles just because they do it does not allways mean they breed ones , but you get a better chance in thinking they will . In your loft you can stop a bird one week and rest it , in One Loft racing they are meant to be a little more extreme to compete in, you may well race and train your bird say max 150 miles aweek ? in One Loft raceing they may do 200 /250 miles aweek , of course the ones that need a rest a do . but above all , a One Loft is NOT a club , it is a sport of its own and should be meant as FUN , with a twist , that twist is , thety work hard, birds will perform better when keept going , good birds on paper do not always shine in racing , in here it is the survival of the fittest , not really right , but that is why you send them to One Loft races , One Loft racing should not be the `Next way ` racing in clubs is still a great way for the sport One Loft racing is meant for a Challenge and Fun as well , we give the Best Challenge , and we hope the best fun , the birds are as fit as they should be and want to fly there is always the good bad and ugly and if you have lost your birds we are sorry but we can not put a direct hand on the problem , as you can`t either ! we can all say how to do it etc , but saying and doing is 2 quite different things,  this is by far the worst year we have had in the One Loft , due to `out of our hands , and beleive me when I say your birds come first , but they have to compete on a level keel , the weather has mucked it up , we are about 3 weeks late of where we should be , we hope we can now get the routine for the birds , and get back to being Consistant for them , the loses are at there peak everywhere, not just here or any other One Loft , domestic pigeons have had it hard and it has got  worse the last 3/4 years with people losing half to 3/4/ of there young birds , is it all the man made additives we give the birds? is it mobile phones ? is it Satilites up above ? or is the pigeons ? right now for you it is Me ? Your birds are the best sport you are proberly getting now and you want to enjoy it , that we hope we give you, in all walks of sport be Football ,Rugby , Running ,Cricket, Pigeon racing I give it 110 % , having your birds here we give it 150 % to get your bird to try and win for you , every time we let the birds up we reval in the racing , we are buzzing when they come home, this year we wait in anticapation for them to come home , so let`s hope the weather is now on there side so they show once again they are in a great Challenge . Terry