`THE SOMERSET ONE LOFT RACE `

                                                          ENGLAND`S PRIDE.



                                               "   LATEST NEWS AROUND THE LOFTS "


                                                IMPORTANT  NOTE



`FINAL`S DAY`                `SUNDAY 6TH  SEPTEMBER  2015`



18th September 

Thanks for all ` Thank yous and best of luck etc from lots of people `it has been a great pleasure to race your birds and we hope they proved to you that you have good pigeons , so keep them going but a little tougher than you normaly do !! All bar a few birds have gone home now ,and we hope they will settle in your lofts , all the prize money has been paid out so you should all be happy , !! thanks again and we will see you around ? and you never know , we Might ``` !!!!!!!!! Terry & Jane   


15th September . Don`t know how many will read this `but `

The birds are now ready for delivery to you on Thursday , and as we knew they are now starting to moult so feathers everywhere!! it appers out of all the rcing this year we had the best racing again , we even had people saying they wish them came to us on finals day as the National young bird was not good , In all honesty it was abit of anightmare in July to train the birds well here anyway ! we had to work at it to get the birds to race in August , and what we did seemed to of worked , i have heard others were not good at there finals , `thats is One Loft racing` `knowing what you are doing `Ok saying you can do it , but doing ot is a different matter , no matter how many race`s or Nationals you say was won , One Loft racing needs Good mangerment ` good luck with your chosen ` loft in the future ` remember words are to get you there performance should make you go there ?????? . any one out there` . Thanks to all , Terry  


12th September, 

We have marked the birds and the list is on `Basket List` we have taken out the locals for tomorrows pick up , The Couriers are coming on Wednesday to pick up the ones to go home ,we will mark again on Tuesday to box them up to send , if any Locals want to pick up the following Sunday fine with us , we will take them out on Tuesday,  Thanks see you soon . Terry 


10th September. 

Hi All If any Locals want to pick there birds up this Sunday , Let me know so I can take them out while marking on Saturday , I need to know before Saturday , highflyers are ready for Wednesday pick up to deliver on Thursday . hope all is good your end , all ok here ! there has been some guessing on why we decided to finish the One Loft , it Has NOTHING to do with the RPRA having more entreis or any other One Loft they don`t really bother me !! . We have had people asking where do I recommend to send there birds to as we are not here !! if you want the honest thing , ,` There is none in the UK at this moment worth entering, either to expensive  or not very good !! , England needs a proper One Loft again, have you the bottle to try and run one !! we have the lofts for sale if you are intrested ??  Thanks Terry



7th September . The Final .

                                               In 2 Part2

              Part 1 the race day. 

The birds clearded well from ther lib point and headed straight West which is a good sign ! anticaption of a good race was on the cards , not having a call at the 6 hours mark , i thought we were going to have a sticky race , they were 1 hour later than all thought , some think interfered with them , then the call to say we had a few home and to who was the winner , M.R.M. supported us all the time , new to the one loft racing 5/6 years ago , and has got a loft of One loft birds from here and mixed in with there own a great win for them ,but they had to trap quick as the another hot on the tail Lubo team , which in fact landed first but traped 2nd , It was nice to see 50 odd home by the time I got there and then it was a steady stream all day , a proper One Loft Race watched by well over 200 people who we hope left satisfied , a great day out for them and a `bloody good pigeon race` was shouted out by someone, good food and drink and really good banter all day ,the result was brilliant no other could live with the birds here , trained to compete in the best Challenge you could ever want , well done the birds and well done to the winners and all the birds that made it, we had agood turnout and it shows they know what they get here, good honest time and are well looked after to the end , and the birds gave all a great exciting day and 2nd day , it was a tricky one for them but they dug deep to do the job.  

                                                         Part 2 `The Final`

It is a sad time to say there will be NO Somerset One Loft race next year, it is time for us to go into the retired section , 20014 was going to be our last year but we had to go another as the yearlings and young bird race in 2014 was again the best in the UK , we wanted to do it and prove again that we were the best and went out with `pride and dignity ` One loft racing is a bit different now as we have set a stall out for all to follow, if there is anyone out there to better it! I am here to help , if you like , no other can do, they can talk and boast they do this and that but in the end they have a lot to live up to , Prize fund is the biggest thing to race for and we pay out what we got in with just the running costs and needs taken out , there is still amongst the pigeon people a shortage of funds to compete in some of the One Loft races, the entry fee is the main factor and has to be looked at for value for money raising the entry fee to high is `greedy` if they want to make a fortune it will not work ,  we gave the best value and the best racing for the entry fee paid , !!!! fact , and you should all ask for the same value ! Us retiring has nothing to do with the One Loft racing , we loved every minute of it and we will miss it loads `No real presure` just `Get it right` as we all should do in life as well ! It is time for us to move on , as we have other projects to do and finish , we would like to thank ALL that entered our Racing and we hope you enjoyed what we gave ! it was a pleasure to race your birds and we had no real moans and groans of real complaint, not to worry us any way , we had fantastic pigeons most of the time and we enjoyed bringing them up , a real One Loft is a bit different from your `home lofts` and should be run proffesionaly for you, it has it`s own way and is a little strict`er as well they have to know what they are doing not just say it as some are i can go on , all I will advise is be carefull where you One Loft ` suss them out , see what they really offer and take out , don`t just think they are all ok ,` home work ` on them to find out  !! just like you did with us ,!!! I will wait to see what returns and we will basket All the birds home and get them sent out to you in a couple of weeks by Courier, if you want to pick your birds up please wait and let me know as we will basket the birds for a set day to go or be picked up, just give a ring if you have another way , keep reading i will let you all know what is happing and when !! ( watch this space there might just be somthing coming that will interest you all later )  never say never) . The One Loft race Lofts will be for SALE , they are a purpose built for a One Loft 280 feet of space , so if you want to run a One Loft we have the lot..   Lofts , Transporter and bits needed , if you are intrested let me know it will be advertised else where in a couple weeks , Thanks again and good luck in the future to all , , we will put the the Final list on tonight , but enjoy the late ones coming in , thanks Terry  THE FINAL  RESULT WITH POOLS AND WINNINGS ARE NOW ON , ALL PAYMENTS OF WINNINGS WILL BE SENT OUT FOR NEXT WEEK .



6th September, 2015 Ypres Young Bird Final

The birds have been liberated at 6.45 am BST Clear sky Light N/W


Good luck to everyone

4th September, 

the birds will be basketed in the morning and we should be on the lib site by 5.30 pm , the weather is looking good and near the same as last year , so we hope we have a race like the last Final . !!! now your birds have to prove themselves on Sunday there is nothiong much else to do ecept they have race home , If you are coming and booked tickets for Day or Night or both then you have a envelope waiting with your Name on it , see Jane and she will sort you out !! , We will have the popular `Guess the Flight time  we have the Hot Spot Pros that think they have mastered the times ```` but now they have to go up against the keen racers , and a guess is as good as it gets , again only one winner (we hope) but a good bit of fun and a good prize as well if all have a go, we will a great raffle with lots of Pigeon bits and goodies to win again a bit of fun to make the day , then of course the birds` they are there to make it happen for all to see, and what a sight to see , true Atheletes fighting the fight to get home ,` they know they are racing` and we hope they all perform and i hope they prove to all that they are the best ! I will be looking at a 7am ish lib on Sunday , please do not `underestamate` the birds , we do not want you to miss them arriving just because you had 10 minutes extra in bed , you will miss a great sight as well , and the company you will be in will be the most friendly honest people ? you could wish to spend a day with , laughter and banter all day , , In the end it is pigeon people that make it that way , but the pigeons make it happen , The pooling is tops so far so keep them coming a good pot to win `` we will put the lib time on as soon as they are up all you have to do is get to the Marquee before the birds , !!! Good luck everyone, it is anyones race and the best bird will win on the day , Terry


2 September.

We have 3 birds that are missing the Final due to being hit by Falcons in the wing ,  GB15N18906 a Blue pied hen a cracking pigeon belonging to Gerry Francis , was on the favourates list to do well , but out i am afraid .    also NWHU15S4246 one of the Clampy & Smithy team could of done well as they all do well when going , also SU15R826 `Aces Doherty Kids , part of the `Conker ` entries so would of given all a run for the money but not this year, a lovely Blue hen will be hot in the Breeding shed!!! A shame they can not go but they tried and didn`t make it ,  Read on .

The birds have had there last marking for the race and the list is on `Basket List` , they are bouncing in the loft and we had a perfect basket`ing , with all wanting to go in the basket !! they are in good shape and good feather ,` but 2/3 weeks time , they will be falling apart !! we have trained a few late comebacks and a couple from rehab and all went well with all returning so we hope they get there heads on and perform on Sunday , It is to be good weather with a North Wind in Belgium and over here as well , so they will have to `tack ` a little to keep on line, The birds are up for this challenge and they just have to stick together to get over the tricky bits ` then go for it ` at the home end , if the Folkestone race is to go by then we should have a good race and if they stick together like did then it will be brilliant , so let`s hope all goes well and the winner is here at the lofts to `greet there bird home`. we have a good number to turn out for the day so we should get a good cheer when the birds arrive ! We have the `Welsh the Scots , an Irish man !! the boys from Guernsey ` and of course we have many from all over England coming `Up Northerners ` Southeners ` and from all over ` so we should have a good mixture , the sit down evening is going well and I reckon there will be ones that will stay on once the banter and the jolly`ness gets them going !! Once again I am looking forward to the Final as the birds are ready to perform and entertain you , let`s hope they are left alone to do there job , ` RACE` good luck everyone we will update the race on the day as soon as we have a result , watch this space your bird is in the best Challenge of the year !!  Terry       




30th August` Raining

 The weather is not good here at the moment , The birds are fine and flying well aaround the lofts , and then buzzing in the Lofts , I have told them they have to perform next week as it is there last `show of the year`, now we know not have all showed there true colours in the races this year , but that does not stop them from having a go , and on the day the best bird will win , does not matter whether you have 1 or 5 birds, only one can win it and it could be you , they are all equal in the loft and it is your bird that has to perform once out of the basket it down to them , I know they are fit and ready. If you are going to Pool then please do so before the Saturday , we will NOT take any late pools on RACE DAY, also if you are coming please let us know , the B & Bs are filling up so if you don`t want to camp , then best to book your bed !! the earlier you get them in please do, it really helps. I will Mark the birds on Wednesday and put the list on after. Not a lot to report just yet . hope your racing went well ? Terry   




 26th August   Birds Basket`ed  NOTE : Some need to Activate there birds from Somerset Special to be Entered in the Final if your bird has a ~ by it then you have to !!!! look forward to hearing from you A.S.A.P

The birds have been marked and on `Basket List ` we have 3 that will Not go to the race , GB15N18906 , NWHU15S4246, SU15R826, all have bad wing damage, we have a couple we are keeping an eye on , as they are in with the rest to see if they are ok , I will mark all the birds again next week before the Final , but this gives you a week to save up to pool your bird in the Final !!! remember some need to up grade there bird from the Somerset Special for it to go the Final .  I will update later if any thing happens ,` which I am sure there will be` Terry .

25th August. ,  Raining ??   `This is a long one `.

We now have a public inquiry into pigeon racing , (at this moment i will give short details) we had a pigeon reported in London , in Heathrow airport ?? (trying to get home early !) but got caught , it seems they have traps on roofs for differnt things , in short a worker noticed about 5 pigeons in this trap  no water or food ? when he challenged the firm that traps the birds , he was reported to the office and threatned with the sack if he pursued it further !! he went to HIS boss and told him the problem his boss said he would be safe from the sack , he watched what the `trapers` did over a couple of days, they did nothing no water or food , again when he challenged them they said they would deal with it , Our pigeon was the only one there with a phone number on it , and yes all the others had rubbers or ets on , well this guy has got the bit between his teeth ! he phoned the RSPB who told him it was a RSPCA problem ? he called RSPCA and they told him it was RSPB problem !!!!!! now he phoned the supposedly pigeon `Hierarchy` (don`t know who they are ??) he got no answer, `Why` so he phoned us as it was our number on the wing , we are waiting for the firm to contact us with the details of what they are going to do ???????????????? as it is one of our racers we will do all we can to get it back , BUT what the bl..dy hell is going on , this worker is now getting into trouble for doing a `Humain ` thing for a racing pigeon that he thinks is right and so he should !  , his last email said he has great respect for pigeons because of there history i/e WW 1 & 2 . We are now involved in a matter of `Life and death of a pigeon and a worker getting the sack , he is determind to carry it through . He has heard that they normaly destroy the birds ? The RSPCA & its Bird side are a charity !! i am not going to go on just yet , but watch this space , i think it is going to get a bit `Messy` (just at the right time ). Any way more later ,

I am going to Mark the birds Tomorrow (Wednesday) and put the list on after , it is because we have had a few work in so look on tomorrow , The Finals day is fast approching and we have a good few booked in for the Day and Evening , (extra food ordered already). if you are coming and want B&B etc and are having a problem give us a ring we will help sort it . We know that people enjoy coming down and appricate what they get , not only on the day but the Value they get for Only £100 per bird for a One Loft and our Challenge and reputation is the tops What with the Pooling`  the Gold Ring and the S/ Special  and the prizes, all trying to make you smile for a while all for the entertaining` £100` even the £200 `ers don`t give value but take it ? ,  A quote from a well known fancier and a top winner say`s  `The others are saying ,  `Somerset are Doing`, (and he has`nt won our race yet ), It appears all are having a problem with young bird racing this year no matter where you live , it does make you think a bit though at to what is happening , I walk around the birds for about `10 hours` a day !!! this morning i was watching them and giving them breakfast after they were out for 2 hours from 6.30, ( nearly dark as well ) . and they are bouncing and are now in there best of peak form, they all should win the final and of course not all can but I want them ALL to win and come home as any other year, and I want your bird to be the best on the day, as they have had a horriable year to try and prove themselves to you. This year it is the most that we have people with no  birds in the final ` why ` if only we had the answer , `I know its my fault to you at the time` `but not on purpose believe me` we all have a wake up call and if i did any thing wrong then I would hold my hands up and say , but we changed nothing of drastic importants from 8 years of proven `Husbandry`, the last 6 years i believe we had the birds in great shape from start to finish and no one could do better !! ? This year it is was a bit different in July than ever before but no bodies fault just what went on in July as it was a wash out and then we had to pick it up in August and the birds had to respond but now the final `loomes` and we are looking forward to it just as any year , if you have birds in the final then get behind them , they have worked and trusted us to get them there, that is the motivation we need and they need it as well as they respond to Motivation as much as we do , and you can see and hear them change when racing brilliant ` they are now set up for thr final and we will not train the birds any more just out twice a day for a flip around , we have a few we are giving exrta training to , i/e late combacks ` they will have there last 32 miler on Monday so far they have done well . So get your `hope out of your boots` and come and see your bird or a freinds try and Win the best Challenge in the UK . You Win this and you have the Best Young bird in the Country by far . With the great race year we had with the Yearlings we all needed it to continue for the young birds, well if we could have a crystal ball we will all be rich ` we have and had people from all over the World watch our racing every year and we get Questions and `advice` from lots some intresting and some ..... But let`s look forward to the next couple of weeks and  I will get the birds Motivated for the race , You just get Motivated to come here and cheer them on ! `We want the Winners here` . Thanks Terry 


23rd August (Sunday)

The weather is terriable ` the birds are in , hoping to go out later ?  we had a few more return yesterday so I will mark the birds in the week to see who is in ?? we have a few that need a couple of trainers to get there heds back in racing mode ` so we hope the weather is ok in the week . As it is raining i am writing to let you know what the Final race day will offer so please read above for the info required. hope your racing was good and the young birds performed for you ,  untill Latetr . Terry 


21st August.

Folkestone was in low cloud and sea mist at 5.am it kept coming and going , for hours `` the sun broke through at 9ish and it was a cracking day , the view across the channel was great , thr birds were liberated at 9.45 am in a brisk South /West wind , as per normal Folkestone holds no` prisioners`and it certantly challenges the birds , I thought 4 hrs ish should be fair, the front runners did it just under , so they are `there` and it is strange I knew they were ,as they were buzzing around the lofts and are a picture to look at , ` well they were some now look as if they were draged through a hedge and flew 165 miles !!! It is nice to see a few come together in racing, we do not get that very often , but we still have a few that make hard work of it ,  the result was good for the ones that got in first as they should , and the winners deserved there wins , altho` the first bunch it was all about trapping ! so well done to all , the first Somerset Special bird in  belong to `Con-Ker`  Scottish bird belonging to 2 sisters of a well known winner in Scotland `Pat Doherty` Kerry his  daughter was well pleased with the win , now we might beable to meet Con-Ker at the Final if they come down to Somerset ? Rhondda Rockets have had a good year racing here and has a strong team in for the final , I will not highlight any birds now as we have a couple of weeks to go , but I will` later on !!!!!!, still a few a way , let`s hope they return tonight / tomorrow , we will keep the clock on till tomorrow , and we will put the pools result and the Ace Pigeon later , so enjoy you club basketing then come home to the result . !   UPDATE : The ACE pigeon this year , winning a £1000. is ,  TRICKY-TOM & CHIPS. winning by  18secs , `phew` well done lads ,  Thanks    Terry


19th August ,                    Birds are Marked for Folkestone Hot Spot and on Basket List`

The following birds will not go to Folkestone ! SU15R826, NWHU15S4246, GB15N18906, GB15V45043, NWHU15E8468, GB15H14427, GB15H35188, WHU15T03282, GB15V02869, SU15L3556, GB15Z00191, GB15F14832, GB15E28993, GB15Z01307, SU15S4852, GB15S72392, GB15N18924. GB15D43498,  The first 3 have wing damage the rest are `Having a rest , due to late return or flown out , and will be trained next week?  . 

We have marked all the birds ready for the Folkestone Hot Spot , we are looking at this Friday 21st August, the weather is forecast fine on Friday , next week is high winds and raining so if Friday is good we will go , the site is booked and the transporter `fuelled up` !! For the ones who have been here a few years know that Folkestone is a tough race for them! and we need to have a good day racing , there is so much at stake for prizes etc, and to see the birds arrive is a great relief !! if the weather is not good then we will not go , this race is for everyone and is a `stomach churner` so we will get it right , the dates do not matter we have time to play with but it is nice to keep them going !!! not done that much of it this year !!!!! , it appears the lose`s all over are pretty bad , with lots moaning and pig sick , . Now is the time to get your pools etc on and don`t leave it to the last minute as some did and did`nt make it in time , and one was quite near the top and missed a good payout , just for leaving it !!!!. As you can see we have a few in `rehab` as we gave them a health check , i felt it better to rest them than throw them to the `Lions` , the rest are in good shape with most now being teenagers and chasing everything in sight some don`t care if its a cock or hen just something to get ````` the mind going ??? , it is buzzing in there at the moment and long may it do so , they are chomping at the bit to fly and have been for 3 weeks or so , so I am hoping for a good race to set them up for the toughest Final in the UK in a few weeks , Don`t forget the Somerset Special is on this race with a good prize of   £4500.00 for the first Somerset Special bird clocked from Folkestone , now you all wish you enterd it !!! also the Ace Pigeon is to be won as well on this race  that is £1000.00 as well , and also if you win the the race you can win £1000.00 as well ,  and Pooling` blimeyand  `wow, where elase can you get that for a race in the uk. Bull .... over enjoy the racing i hope I do .     Good luck everyone Terry  


17th August 

The birds went for a 32 miler this morning as the result shows they came quite well , we have 1 reported dead by Hawk in a garden 10 miles from home ,  i am looking at Friday for the Folkestone Hot Spot ,but we ave to watch the weather as it is forecast to be a bit bit and dank` Monday looks ok ? but we will see ` I will let you know as soon as I know ! If you are coming to the Hot Spot as it is the last one for the Somerset Special and a good prize is there to win for the winners , also the Ace Pigeon is getting some people excited in there swivel chairs by the computer !!!! The Folkestone race gives a bit of interest and a good race to do well , it is a tough one for the birds and it has to set them up for the Final , the next month is exciting for the birds and you ,as it is now there toughest challenge , what with the unpredictable races so far and the way they have mde hard work of it all , let`s hope they can can there heads on and deliver !!! ,there is still a few to come home a couple of come backs on there way again ,  with 3 to come ! we will update later . Thanks Terry  


14th August

The weather is terriable ` so I marked the birds in the loft , which is on Basket list ` the weather for next week is not looking good either so we will have to wait , time is not an issue just yet so we will wait and see ? I have a bit on Letters pages just to keep you informed !!!!!  Terry .


13th August

We have had few more birds return in , even 2 today ! some are damaged a bit and some are flown out a bit but we hope a couple of days will put them right , we were hoping for a trainer Friday but the weather is not good so it looks like Monday , which we will time them in from . Loooking at the Folkestone Hot Spot Thursday / Friday weather permitting , the loss`es from Tunbridge Wells is the worse we have had and for no known reason , we have had birds reported in Birmingham and Bournmouth !! split up again , we will time the birds in from the Trainer and Mark them on Wednesday for the Folkestone Hot Spot which is a test for any bird let alone this year ??? If there is any thing to report i will but not alot at this time except we want and need to keep the birds going !!!  Thanks Terry  .

11th August.

LIBERATION : The birds were released at 8.30 am , no wind good cloud cover high up , the birds cleared well , the result again shows it is head in hands again , as to why ` they come split up , it is also amazing how some have got all or 90% back and some have birds missing or none ` the late ones in so far are not showing any real stress or `flown out ` signs ?? the 32 miler set them up right for this Hot Spot , all that shows a bit different is the birds are returning from the West again ? it is now nearly 5 oclock and the birds returned are in good spirits and bouncing around the lofts , not much wrong with them !! , we will update later the result as required . Terry

The birds have been liberated at 8.30am bright and clear with no wind. Good luck to all

Terry is waiting for the weather to clear on site so no liberation just yet. Update soon.



10th August 

The birds are in the baskets and on the transporter ready for Hot Spot 3 , good luck every one ,  as we were basketing we had a bird return SU15R711, now in rehab but ok . Looking at a 7 / 8 am Lib. Terry  


8th August, `HOT SPOT TUNBRIDGE WELLS` IS TUESDAY , due to `raining all Monday`!!

The birds have been marked for The Tunbridge Wells Hot Spot 122 Miles and are now on the Basket List

UPDATE : I gave the birds a good health check today and they are all in great shape ,a few battle marks but nothing serious ` I have listed below 12 birds that will not go to thr next Hot Spot  due to some rest or damage , the weather is not looking good for a few days so we will have to watch it for the race , so keep on looking to see if we have a good days weather to race !  List below NOT going :  GB15N18906 (wing ) GB15D43498 (hawked) SU15R286 (wing) NWHU15E8468 ( wing) NWHU15S4246 (wing) GB15Z00191 (wing) GB15S35025 (rest) GB15C37923 (rest) GB15V29715 (no tail & rest) GB15E28993 (rest) SU15F3801 (rest). GB15S45788(rest) & GB15S45792 (rest).  Most will start the training next week to get ready for thr Folkestone Hot Spot ?  We will let you know when we will be going as soon as we know , and the lib time will be on as soon as they are up , p/s Monday / Tuesday is forecast rain ???  Cheers Terry



6th August , 

The birds had a 32 miler today liberated at 13.15 , (the first bird in was a come back ) , as you will see they came quite well , we still have a couple away , and again we have one come back with NO tail at all , and we have one with puncture wounds on the chest ` , we will basket the birds on Saturday for the Mondays / Tuesdays Hot Spot, as the weather is suppossed to be raining on Monday ? , Thanks Terry

5th August

Looking at a 32 mile trainer tomorrow, the weather looks ok ? and then looking at the 3rd Hot Spot Monday ? I am a little disapointed  at the birds not returning  as they have been to the trainers and trained 10 miles short of the lib site before the Hot Spot ,  we are still getting some return so they will not be on the next trainer , Hot Spot` we will check then!! We will basket the birds on Saturday and put the list of birds in on` Basket List ` before the Hot Spot. We have a few that will not go as listed below , and we hope they will recover in time for the trainers and  the 4th Hot Spot . NOT GOING. NWHU15E8463 (wing) , GB15N18906, (wing) SU15R826 (wing), GB15C37923, (neck wound) GB15S35025 (rest) GB15S45792 (rest) GB15S45789 (rest) GB15Z00191 (rest) . We will trap the birds in tomorrow and put the result on later . Thanks Terry   

3rd August. 

We are now back on ```` The birds were liberated at 85 miles in a West wind getting stronger at the Mid Point ( Salisbury) the birds cleared well ,and headed East ??? , i saw them swing round to head homeward, the result is and shows again they are split up , why I will never know!! they fly 400 miles instead of the 85 ? I am looking at the next Hot Spot next Monday/ Tuesday 10th August, we will have a trainer this Thursday to keep them in trim !! we are having a few more tumble in in 2s and 3s now , silly really as these birds have been to all the trainers and last Hot Spot you would think they know how it works ??   we will update later, Terry   

 1st August.

We are still having a problem with our line we are in a neighbours do this so . We are having a Hot Spot on Monday weather permitting . Looking at a 7 to 7.30 lib , bacon butties for breakfast !!. I have marked the birds and we are trying to load the list on , it should be loaded soon ? for pools etc  phone them to my mobile which I will answer or leave a message a text will do as well . We are hoping all will be sorted on Monday , and we hope we can get the result on as required , thanks for understanding ,we will be sorted soon . Good luck everyone , the last winners were well pleased let`s hope you are the next ! Terry 












30th July 

The Haslemere Hot Spot is planned for Monday 3rd August I will be looking at 7 am ish Lib. after the 1st hot spot the birds recovered well , some came home yesterday and are a little tired ??? but the recovery of the birds is good. update later Terry.

29th July

The Front runners again showed how it should be done , on release the birds stayed together untill out of sight, as the result shows good early returns and good to see , the later ones made hard work of it , we have a couple of strays in from Birmingham and Wales ? and we have a couple reported in the London area ?? we had a few more home this morning and we will leave the clock on for today , we have all the birds out now and will clock them in for breakfast and see what has also returned ? , i am looking at Monday for the 2nd Hot Spot weather permitting, ! we will update the result later , Thanks Terry . 


  28th July                    1st HOT SPOT.

The weather here is not bad, a little changable , but ok , I will take the birds to the Hot Spot and see how it is then , as we all know the weather is not doing as we are told it is !! it is good here for the race if it gets worse later we will Judge then , `SO we WILL go to the Hot Spot and I am looking at approx 11. to 12 am Lib, Best of Luck everyone , last call for Gold rings etc. Terry .


27th July 

First Hot Spot will be tomorrow `TUESDSY 28th July ` we have a break in the weather so i am looking at going to` WINCHESTER` believe me when I say the weather has been the worse for racing here , really low cloud from The Mendips to Dorchester a low hanging cloud for 2 weeks or more ? BUT please I will say YES or NO tomorrow MORNING, we will see what it is like , I will put it on the Web site 7.30 am. SO for the racers get them Gold rings on tonight, so far we have just over £250 per Hot Spot to go for , Pools are aloud as well , Let`s hope the birds can have there Hot Spot tomorrow , and are left to get on with it. Fingers crossed it is all go  for tomorrow , and good luck everyone , sorry it may be a bit `fickel `But` ............. I will be looking at Hot Spot 2 either Friday or Monday ???  Terry.   


26th July 

The birds have been marked and the list is on `Basket List` , We are hopeing for a Hot Spot soon but the weather is rain and wind for Monday , and poss tuesday , so we will have to play it by ear for when we go , so the list is on if you have to activate any !! or want to pool etc then just get in touch with Jane and she `will sort you out `, hope all your racing is going ok , we hope to be doing it soon a swell !!!! , bleeding nightmare here at the moment with this weather , , i will update when needed, and i may just up and go for the first Hot Spot , so sorry about that , `But`. Thanks Terry 


24th July 

Had a few more back today altough the weather was not nice for them ! been out most of the day picking birds up from around , most people said they came in frightened ,but wished there birds trapped like them !, what we will do is MARK all the birds on Sunday afternoon , and we will put the list on in the evening , if you contact us with any reserves etc that need doing,   we will be looking at a Hot Spot early next week but the weather is not looking good on Mon or Tues , so we will see. We know we all have a hit now and again , but we seem to get pigeons that make it home when they should`nt , as we have one that has had the top of his wing torn to pieces and half of his head , eye beek , wattle, and neck half eaten , obiviously escaped and made it home  how he did i do not know , but he can`t eat or drink , !!!! ?. I am surprised we have not had more reported , a patten is only to about 50 miles North for pick ups ?? . let`s hope more arrive tomorrow as it is better weather. Marking Sunday . Terry  


23rd July.

Took the birds to the 40 miler , a good day` perfect for the birds, , but it appears they have had a bad one , why i do not know , they were all together untill out of sight , the result tells somthing was wrong by the numbers home , ` disapointed is not the word , totaly gutted and there is no reason for it to happen` all in good health etc and flying well , 40 miles may as well of been 400, there is no excuses as there is`nt any , the birds are not performing as they should, we will have to wait to see how the day brings them in , and if any reported `where to` , totaly soul destroying `, update later , result on page . Terry 


21st July . 

`Hooray` another 32 miler , weather a complete change from yesterday and over the week ! The birds were liberated in a brisk S/W wind , at 10. 50 am the front runners made good time , but as per norm there are some that make hard work of it , i watched them for a good 5 mins on release , untill out of sight, and they stayed together , on return they were split up ? we had a batch arrive and just sat on the roof , like it was `hot ` a good 20 mins they were for , with singles and 2s coming in ignoring them , so something had a go at them? then 1 jumped on the trap and they all followed, we have one bird with the whole tail out , not a feather in it. The returns came from N/E/S/W all different ways , some really high up some hedgeing ` , we still have a few away , and we will update this evening . we will try and go on Thursdy to the 40 miler, then hope for Hot Spot 1 early next week , and see how we go etc , not a bad trainer today. Terry. 


20th July  UPDATE: It appears we have a better day tomorrow so we are looking at going to the 32 miler again for a confidence booster !!!. if they do well then Thursday is the next as` Friday is a wash out ` we will time them in if all OK ?? Terry

We still have the low cloud and mist over Somerset , it is now becoming a real pain , it does not look like moving till the evening , we have not been able to keep the birds going at all this year , but they say this week we should get it a bit better , Tuesday is ok , so we will look at then , andit will be nice to keep it going this week  to get them to the Hot Spot ?? , we should be looking to get ready for the 3rd Hot Spot , and we hav`nt even had ONE yet !!!! . Not a lot we can do about the weather , if we could we would `cock it up`, let`s hope it clears and we can get on with the Job . update Later. Terry

 19th July

Looking at the next 32 miler tomorrow , we still have that low cloud around , so we will go a little later if OK , we had quite a few work back Friday night and Saturday , so I gave them Sunday off as some were flown out` , a day or 2 home and they are fine , been out Sat, and most of Sunday , flying well , we will time them on the trap on arrival , let`s hope the weather changes so we can get them going on a system ? . Terry

17th July,

The young birds had a long last their 32 mile Trainer !!!!! we had to wait till 12.30 to let them go , for them and me `nerves` on release they headed straight EAST ` and were not far away from the Hot Spot Lib, they went high up and east ! I lost sight of them after 1/2 mins , they were all together and flying well and having a good look around , as you will see the front runners made good time , and some making hard work of the jaunt` it is amazing how they get split up ? batches arrived before i got home , but a batch of 50 ish came at 2.30 ish , where had they been , any way not a problem as the time on wing will do them good ! i am looking to go again on Sunday but will have to watch the forecast and lots and lots training their young birds for next week 1st race !! i will then look at another 40 miler on Tuesday , and we hope a Hot Spot on Friday ??? weather permitting , they performed well today and the rest has not hurt them !!  we will update later as there is still more arriving. Terry   


16th July 

Weather forecast was good sun to be out and high clouds , that is what it was at 7/9 am . birds in the basket and off at 8.30 am , on the way to the 32 miler trainer as we got further East the weather was getting duller` at the lib site the low cloud was only about 100 foot up , ` total rubbish , waited to see if it would clesr , no sign , off to the the 20 miler , same there , all within 1 1/2 hrs , also at the lofts it had filled in as well , on returning home it was raining quite hard , right now 12 50 , the birds are in the transporter waiting to be `let loose` a waste of time and the forecast on the way home was sunshine and a nice day !!!!!! , it is filled right in , . they say a good day tomorrow so we will try again ,  Keep looking !!!! Terry


14th July ,

Should be on the road with the birds but the weather is so bad today we can`t even let the birds out !! , not brilliant for the a couple of days either ? looks like next week for the Hot Spot ??  Terry

12th July 

The Young birds are `champing` at the bit to have a trainer , `but the weather is not good here , low cloud and rain for today and supposedly tomorrow ? 1st Hot Spot is going to be a bit later and so is the 2nd ,!!! I want and will give them 3 more trainers before and as needed ! we will catch up once they are going well , `but no panic` , not a lot we can do at the moment about it. Just keep looking at the web site for info ! I hope the new Yearling birds you have in your lofts are well , and fitting in easy , believe me when i say they will `Boss your lofts soon` , we have already had a couple back that ` Escaped ` so you have to be carefull , they are watching every move you make , one sec of not being carefull they will be `Gone `. Good to see the England Crickt ` Spank the `Aussies `4 more to do and we can really laugh at them ! `can`t wait` I will update when needed, but don`t worry the birds are in great shape we just got to keep them there    `untill `       once going they will be on the way all the time , Thanks Terry.


9th July:   UPDATE : We have updated the trapping result , we let the birds out at 3 pm , for a zip around , we left the clock on and trapped in again so the ones that missed the trap should of clocked as you can see some did! don`t know which date for the 1st Hot Spot as i would like to give them a couple / three trainers just to level them up , so it could be later next week or early week after , , no problems with that we can juggle the Hot Spots to suite ! , all is ok here , will update if needed , Terry

The young birds had there other 20 miler today and  it seems fine , they left the transporter and headed for home straight away , still some are making hard work of it , but we had batches arrive , We have put  a Timed in training result, ( as so many were fighting to get in `) we will update later,   They now have to move on and we hope Sunday or Monday for the next trainer ` weather etc allowing ` it seems they have there heds on as to what they are supposed to do``` lets hope they have learnt and we have it safe from now on !! Terry 



6th July    

Auction prices now on the auction site as per sale yesterday :   TRAINER` update I took the young birds for a 20 miler this morning , obviously a little nervous me that is ` , The birds were fine at basketing with a few not wanting to go , it was the right thing to do not to go last week and let them chill , it appears to of helped them althou a few are still away and I hope it is not the ones we picked up !! 11.10 i let them go in a brisk S/West wind good cloud cover , on release they all stayed together and headed N/W then after 5 mins turned and headed west home and all looked good , I said I would not stay and watch them , but the pull to watch was there , untill out of sight they looked ok ! on return it was a delight to see a good lot in the loft beating me home by 20 mins , ` relief``` as i walked in about 30 odd came in and then a bigger bunch , why they split up i do not know , any way they are back on the road , I will give them the same place on Thurs or Wed, ?? up to the weather ? I will update later , But the result is on for you to see , Thanks Terry  

5th July 

Today we held the Auction for the Yearlings  we will let you all know the results after tomorrow once all is sorted , !! quite a few turned up and went ok , but job done the birds WILL give all the new owners a Buzz in the lofts and we really hope they do you well and give you some winners , as they are `!!   Tomorrow I am looking at taking the young birds for their 20 mile trainer !!! we have to watch the weather a little as it is doing as it likes` Thanks to all that came today , update Tomorrow , Terry 


 3rd July

Basket list now on for Young Birds

1st July 

We are still picking birds up from around and birds are still arriving  in singles , and have flown there socks off to get home , we have had many stories etc of what happened !! but on picking a bird up 50 miles EAST of us , the non fancier said there were 2 pigeons being chashed by a Hawk , the one we picked up dived into her Stable and hid , the hawk changed on to the other bird in the sky  , what happened then ? the bird picked up was ok , and is now in the loft, we have stiched up 5 so far with puncture or tree wounds ! we will wait till Friday and then we will basket and mark All the birds so we can all see who has what etc , , we do not know every single pigeon that comes home and they have all been out today for 5 hours , chilling and we do not know if any more arrived till we basket them , so FRIDAY is basket day, later on for the evening as they have to go out in the morning . weather is not good for them or us now , , if you hav`nt started training young birds yet, time is moving on , best of luck if you are or going to . ? Terry


 28th June . UPDATE of the UPDATE: We have now turned the clock off , we have picked birds up N/E/S/W. Today , we have a few local tomorrow , and quite a few on the South coast !! they have been coming in steady all day 1s & 2s , we really do not know what or why , the birds were in great shape , and as before any trainer / race we give them Respiratory treatment 2 days before , they are Cankered and Cocci , every 4 weeks, health wise `good` , We use NO drugs to enhance them to give a high or a downer !!. We will not train the birds the rest of this week they will chill out and just go out around the lofts , we will basket the birds for there next trainer , which will be the 20 miler again ! The 1st Hot Spot is Cancelled untill they are doing the right thing to move on . The latest result is on now `


Hi Terry/Jane,

So sorry to read about the recent training but it's nothing to do with your management ,it the FALCONS.!!!! They are devastating training here in Wales.
There's no getting away from it they are everywhere now and at this time of year they are training their young and will attack all day long.
It must be sole destroying for you but we all know the culprits. Let's hope you get better luck from here on.

Rob Jones


UPDATE On the latest update results please note positions 341 to 382 have been picked up this afternoon and pushed through the trap so you can see who they are.

The Young birds had there 20 mile trainer this morning weather was ok a bit of low cloud at first but soon cleared , from where we Lib it is 900 ft above sea level , the view is great , we can see the area we live, once the low cloud moved on I Liberated the birds at 9.05 am light S/W wind high cloud , the birds went straight in to `Home mode and headed for home ,I watched for a few minutes all seemed good birds stuck together on there way , ,on return 3 birds were home 1 before the others, nothing then for 1hr or more , a sad and misriable feeling was now in side ` a stinker for some reason was on the cards , then we had a bunch of 70 ish turn up and we thought right they will come now , nothing , the result so far shows what is happening` but not the feeling here, we do not know what is going on ` the birds are in fine shape and to happen twice is not very good !! i will update later , but not a lot to say except s..t .the returning birds some doing 7/8 hrs are ok ,glad to be home , but we have no answer, and we are not guessing or making excuess`s at this time as no need to, it is a bad day ,. Terry ,   the result is on . 

  27th June 

The Young birds are marked and on `Basket List` all the birds had a health check and they are in fine body and shape , the birds are in the transporter ready for tomorrows 20 miler , we will watch the weather and see how it is , we have a `Heat wave on the way next week !! we will time the birds in on arrival , and see how it goes , but please don`t go getting excited if your bird is 1st in or not on the list , if they have a good day they trap like demons and if all come together ?? some will get missed over the traps !!? but good fun to see ! let`s hope they have a good morning and left alone to do there job , `to fly home ` hope your racing is going well. 



26th June  

The trainer yesterday turned out to be `stinker ` on the night time head count 123 were away , we had 16 return this morning , and now all the birds are out and relaxing with a bath etc , don`t know what is happening , I think it is our worse loss in a trainer, althou` last year at this time we had a problem untill mid July  , so it must be the time things are not right , the birds are in good shape and fly really well and look ` up for it ` is it the `Predotors` that cause the problem are they that `BAD` ? the birds range out to the 10 mile distance most days , !!  we will move on and we hope more return today we can see some have already as they are just waiting to get in for some grub etc , we have 1 reported only some 15 miles away , the rest ?? hope better news later . Terry.  

25th June ,

Another 10 Miler for the young birds at a different lib site , they split in to 4 bunches , a bunch of about 3/400 went up and up to the edge , I have never seen birds go so High the others were getting there line etc for about 2 mins then went `South ` ???? the high ones stayed around for 5 mins or so , then out of sight , home end 15 pigeons on the loft , 15 mins later abuches arrived of 50s 100, 25s etc , some had 5/6 hrs on the wing  we are a few away but returning all the time in 2s 5s, 1s,etc, they seemed to make hard work of it , but on arriving they looked as if they enjoyied it , more than I did any way , `Young Birds` ,  we hope Sunday is ok as they go to the 20 Miler , then they will be really on the road , as they will have to move move on as they should , racer for real is not far away , , so I will Mark all the birds in the loft on Saturday , so it will be on evening ,ish as they will be loaded in the transporter for we hope a early Lib on Sunday and we will Time them in , , if you have not started your young birds yet , good luck , this lot are game for it but something allways has a go , good luck with your racing , and young bird trainning !!!!. Terry , Yearling Sale birds are complete now with the details we have, the Yearlings are in great shape , and resting , , so to boost your lofts `BUY  a couple .  


23rd June

The young birds had there 10 miler today , it was nice to see them circle twice then head for home, today they arrived in 3 batches, we have 1 with a bad back attack from the spike`ies of the sky !!! they just cannot leave them alone !! they trapped like demons for breakfast , we are hoping for another on thursday , with a 20 miler on Sunday , `early morning , we will mark the young birds on Saturday for you all to see who has who etc , we have had a few reported dead and had some just off the loft !! it will be in the evening for the list , after they have been Marked ! As to the Yearling Auction we are awaiting one person to return from holiday then the list is complete, there will be a small advert in the Fancy Press , so get picking a bird to give you that edge over the others , Terry 

 21st June

The young birds have had there first `Road test , and made hard work of it , and made the old `Tum go down to the Boots` for a few hours !!! had to pick up a few from around the area and a little further out , but looking on it this time of year I always have to !! just to put theTum back down again , we let the young birds out about 7 ish and at 9.15 ish about 6/700 birds came clashing into the birds ` birds all over the place ` it is the first time we have had a clash like that , the racers must of been liberated not far away as they were not in full racing mode` for 1/2 hr we only had a couple of hundred birds around , and they have been returning in batches big and small ones , , we have another road test on Tuesday and hopefully on Thursday / Friday as the weather is not good for Monday , so we hope all is ok , we will then mark the birds at the weekend. They are now flying really well around and we need them to get there `Transporter heads on , which we hope will be `soon ` we have to now keep them going to give them confidence, a bi`t beragged` here at the moment so let`s hope they have a good week . Terry 

17th June

THE RETURNED YEARLINGS : We are NOW getting together a list of Auction birds and birds to return home if you have not told us what you want your bird to do PLEASE get in touch `as the bird can not tell us` !! it is quite important as we want to move on , so I will organise the Courier for the birds to go `home ` you just pay the courier your end , but please let us know you want the bird/s home .  AUCTION BIRDS:  if you want your bird/s Auctioned then let us know, if you have Pedigress etc please send them in with a transfer form . As to the Auction there is some of the top birds in the country being Auctioned , they may not have won a prize but they excelled in racing and for anyone to have a bird from here has the best to relight the `wow` factor in your loft , you will be offered the very best to hopefully make a winning team in your loft from the best birds,   Help us to move on by helping yourself. Thanks Terry,

The young birds are on the road tomorrow ? `The start of the beginning ` 


 15th June ,

Thanks for all the `well dones` it was good to have a good race and it was even better to see the birds trap as good as anyone would see , the trapping is brilliant , even the young birds trap as good ? . It was great for the 3 Scotish `Aces ` who drove down to witness the birds arriving in style ` . a good Saturday night for them in the Marquee, even the pair of Lay By Lil came as well on the Saturday to have a good chin wag , etc , there was sore heads on Sunday , i wonder if it was why Paddy was quiet, well a little any way ,  !!!!!!!!!!! we have turned the clock off now , and if you have birds home from the yearlings and  if you have not already told us what you want to do then please let us know asap. we would like like to finish off the yearling in 3 weeks either way ,, we need a good number to Auction , if you want the bird/s back let me know , They are some of the best birds in the country so you should have them back ! Any way , the birds did well , and proved that a tough bringing up works well , maybe you can give your own birds that little bit extra work to bring the best out of them !! it was also nice to know that the winning pigeons and the 5th placed were bred out of pigeons that were in our one loft a couple of years ago , so they are proving to have the ` real test in them` well done to them , and well done to all that has birds home , please let us know what you want asap , so we can move on , it will be all young birds now , training starts now for them , update later . Terry.




The birds have been liberated at 5am Sun up, No wind on site

Good luck to everyone .

UPDATE : The yearlings had a good start in the morning, which they needed , the route to thr port was good except a 20 mile strech around Brussels which had a low cloud / mist around , at the port and the crossing was clear and a very good visabilty , with a 10 mph West wind , as we got to Dover , a cloud was hovering around which looked grey and damp, but it appears not to have hindered the front runners, a good time for the birds to finish in , i knew they could do the job and they have not disapointed anyone , all that were there to watch them  come home said a cracking race , and the birds were and still are in good shape , we have a few away tonight so we hope they will return by tomorrow , the winners are well worthy with 4 arriving together !! then 1s and 2s etc. a good race and congratulations to OWEN & HOGARTH with 1st and  2nd  and 8th as well , good racing for them and all that entered , I will update tomorrow with the returns , but a good race and well deserved for all , Thanks Terry

12th June

UPDATE  , The yearling list is now on , Yearling basket list ` the long awaited for Yearling Challenge is here , 116 top of the range birds ready for action to hopefully entertain you and give you a boost in a proper race with a proper Challenge with a good prize at the end , for all the birds in the final they have proved they are a class act , and you should be proud of them , if you have lost them before now , then they did not disgrace themselves as thereis many reasons why they did not get home , we are of early tomorrow morning and the lib will be on Sunday as early as we can , i/e (sun up ) and it will be put on as soon as they are up !! , be it unpon you if you under estamate the birds , ` do not uder estamate them , they love a hard day , they romp in a challenge , they will fly through a brick wall to get home , they are your pigeons beleive in them !!! Good luck All if you are coming i hope to see you , Terry  

The Yearlings Marked list will be on later this evening as I will basket at 6pm ish,... get them pools and noms in a good turnout already and a good pot to go for, updaste later .Terry  


11th June                                 ATTENTION ALL YEARLING FINAL

CHANGE OF PLAN THE WEATHER ON SUNDAY IS OK FOR THE BIRDS NO RAIN ON ROUTE ` WIND 10mph N/E , `small reason for panic`it was not looking good early on and we had people traveling down from Scotland and up North ,  and now i have proper forecast from people working on ships in the channel they say all is ok , so  THE YEARLING FINAL IS SUNDAY 14TH JUNE , LIB APPROX 5./530.am they have a East wind all the way ?Sorry for the change but I would rather be a `pillock`than get it Wrong . Terry.

12th June Basket list for the Hassalt Yearling Final now in Yearling Basket List

9th June 

Well the young birds went out at 10.30 , by 11, most had gone for a fly, about 600 went off for over an hour , heart in boots ` it was great to see them return zipping and darting in the sky , over 600 playing about 1000 feet up, in racing mode and really enjoying the wind and the playing , they contiuned to play and race for another hour and not 1 pigeon was on the loft or ground every bird went up , next week will be there first road outing ,a little tester first but once they prove they can handle it we will soon move on !! , The fun starts now they are out and about and having a look around , some go as high up so they are just small dots in the sky and dive downwards with wings folded , brilliant` to watch ` all is good here at the moment , the weather looks ok for the weekend so far , so I will update later , don`t forget to pool and nom your yearlings , they are worth a go as it is anybodies race `` and if you are coming to see and watch  let Jane know, ...  Thanks Terry  


7th June 

The young birds were up and out by 7 am today and enjoyed the fresh air , they were out for 5 hrs and were up and down all the time and flying well , called in trapping was brilliant how it should be , they will be on the road after next weekend ! , The yearling combacks completed there 35 miler in style and ALL returned together, in 45 mins so got on with the job of getting home !! next stop  `The Final ` weather is good here and next week is good as well at the moment ??? will be looking for a 5/ 5.30 am lib if we can ? as it is Sun up a bit earlier over there ! , any thing to report I will . Thanks Terry  


5th June .

Time is marching on and soon all the racing will be in full flow !!! . The young birds are now in transporter `mode , having 3 small libs to get used to the noise etc , we have a small video of there first lib on ` At the Movies `, they all did not come out together and about 100 odd stayed in the baskets !! out a bit later with a bit of coaching` , they all fly out now , they should have there first 5 miler on 16th ish , and that will be a heart stopper`, once we get a few road trainers under way we will mark the youngsters to who is who etc ``they now are flying for well over the hour and most now go a ranging , and scare us to death, some are a bit prone to be late and we had to pick a few up from different places this week , whether it is to much or the dreaded vampire of the sky has a go we do not know , but we have only had one more visit over head as such ,, but it appears most people are getting hit at training not far away , last year we had the same problem 5/10 miles out !!! they will from now on be running the gauntlet every day , !!! . The yearlings are doing well and we have given 5 extra training so far upto 15 miles , all home ok , they will have a 35 miler on Sunday/ Monday to help get them in shape , and fighting fit for the final , all the yearlings fly out twice a day and enjoy a good 1 1/2 hr flying with some lazing around and then up they go zipping the skys , clapping off the loft , and gliding in from high up a great sight to see, and yes they are fit to go , and they are enjoying there R&R , we end the darkness for the Y/Bs on Wednesday at long last , now the young birds can go out when ever ?? hope your racing gives you a smile on your face as it does on ours here every time we trap the birds in. Thanks Terry     

31st May

The Yearlings have been marked andf the list is `Basket List` we gave them a health check as well and belive me they are in fine shape and redy , at this stage of racing we are NOT going to train them on the road , but will go out twice a day , reason being we could have a hswk strike and lose a couple for something that they do not need, at this point , the reason also is why we have 3 weeks to the final from the Simi `, to give them a rest, , they have with training and racing flrown nearly 1000 miles to get here , so the 400 Final should be a breeze ```. the birds have performed to the Top form a pigeon can in here , and I am sure they have more in them to give you the best in your lofts , if you have the parents of these birds then` use them` , they have produced the very best of racing pigeons, they do not give up lightly . We have a couple of requests for you to answer if you will just to make things easier later on , ; If you have a bird return from the Final race on we hope 14th June 2015 , could you let us know if you want your bird back in your loft, or we can Auction the birds at the lofts, 2 weeks after the Final , as you all know you are more than welcome to have your bird back at no charge to you , except the carriage, if you want to Auction the bird then we can , which we will hold in the Marquee, but we need a good number to do so , so up to you to say `Home or Auction ` just so we know how many if required ??. if we do not hear from you then we Auction the bird !! but it is nice if you let us know !! . ... Swap Shop Birds unpaid for , WILL go to the Final and if return from the Final WILL be Auctioned , if a Swap shop bird is First home ( Has Happened) it will not win a prize, the first owned pigeon home will get the prize !!.  Also if you are thinking of coming to the Final day please let us know so we can get prepared for your `Eats` etc , as from the Friday to the Sunday we will be super busy, if you do not let us know  `No Grub `, many have said they are coming already so they have there Sausage put by ` !!! .     Also we have 3/4 Pigeons that will have a few Private trainers to see how they perform , ( Come Backs ) so we will put them on the road we hope Wednesday and have a 3/4 tosses ?  , as the weather is dicating, we will see.  Enjoy the run up and please have faith in your irds they have made it here , and might just Finish the Job for you, Noms and Pools will show faith in your bird Noms and Pools show you have faith , worth a go  , Hope to hear from you soon , ???? Terry  

28th May 

We are back up and running , any thing with a plug on it is not for us if it goes wrong , we will update the yearling race soon , as to the yearlings if you want to be in it` the swap shop birds are doing well we have 2 already under `offer` and waiting for the `nod` . I will Mark all the yesrlings on Sunday and put the `in list on , Ypres was a good test and the day was spot on`, they did well , ` The next one is the Challenge ` we have all been waiting for ` 400 miles for them to prove themselves again , If you are coming to the Final yearling race please let us know so we can get things for the day , we have the big Marquee up !! , and you are more than welcome to stay over ?? just let us know !!!!!!.The Young birds are good today they were basketed and had a drive around for an hour , then released in the grounds ` for there first transporter trip and first Liberation !!! a great sight , and they all but a few flew for 1/2 hour and then all were airbourne !! for 1/2 hr , so they have 2 more of those and are on the way to the first toss 2/3 week June ??   I will update later, we have a result on the website , we let the yearlings out , and timed them in , the next day on the race card ! , a couple more have returned so we will mark them this Sunday . Terry



24th May Ypres Race.

The birds have been liberated at 6.15am BMT, Sun up, No wind, Channel clear. Good luck to everyone

UPDATE YPRES ,   First of I would like to thank Mark Cowel of Ramsgate , who got up super early for us to check the channel from the shores of Ramsgate , all was clear at 6.am good visablity etc , the weather was good all day upto 10 miles from home where the rain / mist / lowish cloud would be , the whole route from Ypres to the Wincanton 303 turning was brilliant , the birds had a no wind to start at 6.15 in Ypres , with a 10 /12 mph N/W wind in the Channel , with 5/7 mph inland , perfect for them , the time they made was good as well , this was there Simi final for thr Big one in 3 weeks , I am again a little disapointed of the slower ones on a good day , the split up still makes you think !!!! the ones home are in good order and will be up for the race of the year in 3 weeks ! we will get more home in the morning , and we will leave the clock on till Midday tomorrow , The clock of Unikon which has been brilliant has had a bit of forward thinking and added 2 hours to the time , the minutes and seconds are dead right , but the Fist bird clocked at , Not 13.36 3.45, so they did in 5hrs 21. 3.45, the clock will have to go back for them to sort out asap , we have enough to sort out on the day without a computer interfering !!!! ,  , The  winners are well worth it today , in form and tonking home , some of the birds returning put a lot into getting home today so well done all , i will update later tomorrow , the result is on with pools noms etc , nice to see the Clamps down from Derby area to support and he saw some good racing today here , . Thanks Terry  


23rd May The basket list is now on for Ypres tomorrow

                         Please note SU14R1020 & GB14N63924 have not gone

22nd May. Ypres Nom race Sunday 24th , I will be looking at a early lib , 7ish or before , the weather is good in Belgium and here, a little wet on the home end later on , a light west wind to start which will suite them , reason for morning basketing , Ferries may be striking without notice ?? , but we have been Guaranteed a ferry at 3 pm , will still be on site by 1830 hrs , list will be on web site asap before 10am , Lib time will be on as soon as they are up , This is the test for them to prove there colours to us , they are ready so let`s hope they have a safe sky to race in and to keep there heads on`` best of luck everyone , with all the nationals having a rasce this weekend good luck , ,,, but this is the race to be in ,.........SUNDAY ` 24th May , Somerset One Loft Yearling Challenge , simply the Best`  Be there , as it is Lunch time , Soup and fresh bread, and the Barbie` , Terry

Slight change of plan, we will be marking the birds early Saturday Morning and the basket list will be on at about 10am.

Please phone or e-mail any pools or Noms required . Thank you



19th May 

The weather is really bad here Monday wind upto 50/60 mph , Today windy with heavy showers that take the paint off ` !!. the young birds are waiting to go out , but the weather says not today , No trainer fro the Yearlings , not worth a 20 miler , could end up a problem ! they do not need a little one  as we were thinking of a 60 miler , but not now , they went out 6.15 am this morning and had a few showers to wash in , they enjoyed it and were still flying around , The Yerling Nom race from Ypres looks ok , the weather looks really good  at the moment ?? I will basket them Friday ,and put the list on asap , , remember , to NOM your bird £20.00 on the nose , winner takes all , over £400 in each race so far in Noms , not bad , but let`s try and get £1000 , would be good !!!! i know there is the `I don`t know s` , but your in it to win it , have a go , you can also pool as well  , just give us a call to book in the NOMS and Pools . It would be nice if all entered the Nom in the Final , the pay out for the Folkestone race was top , £1000 for the winner  where else would you get that for so few!!!!!! , good birds here that what it is , and a great Challenge , to get them home like that is a credit , not a lot can happen in this weather . updater Later . Terry


 16th May

We had 64 young birds out last night on the head count 36 on the loft this moring , 13 more in upto now 10.30. 15 out , we hope they will be back !! they seem no worse for the fact` of what happened ! , I wonder how many the predotors take out on a saturday race , as it seems they are right in the line of flight of racing from South ,` they are right in the middle of the racing line ! just imagine say 4,000 birds lib at Yeovil or Wincanton , how many are hit and go the wrong way etc with their heads off the homing instinct ?  there must be well over 100,000 birds heading home through the centre of the Country side , mind boggling `  For us we have to take it as it comes as the birds Have to go out , , we have tried all and still do use every defence we can to help keep them away , , but when they are in hunting mode` try and stop them`` we all have our so called ways and we think and hope we have the answer to it ??? I read about our great friend Bob Reeves ( well over 92 )  going to Westminster, it appears he has got through to the big wigs , in what the RPRA has set up a special `force to do ` and thrown money at a cause that we all know will not do a dam thing` , I better stop there as i am now in `Battle mode in way things are run , this year i seen and witnessed nasty happenings to the birds , `we call it a sport ` not now , a gamble of how many we could get home is more like it !!!, Trust , who do we trust and who can we trust , enough now , Bristol Rovers are at Wembley to try and get back in the Football league , good luck . `The Conservaties are in ` the Snp are in !!!!!!!!!? goverment might do as we ask , but pigeon sport , ` carry on lads and lass`es , don`t worry , its only pigeons , to me that started from the RPRA , 30 years ago, today it appears , a dictor ship is here , sack them all , and vote us in !!!! remember , Gaddiffi , Hussain, RPRA . The young birds are ok , they will go out tomorrow morning ` , The yearlings are great and just getting on with it , and we hope to get a trainer in Monday ish but the weather is not looking good , any way , soap box away (anger box ). I will update later , on the little ones etc. have good racing !!!! Terry

15th May 

GRrrrrrr, Young birds let out 10.30 am , by 11.20 a pr of Perigrens were hitting them and causing mayhem with them , 90% of the young were up all together about a 1/4 went really high up so we knew there was a problem up there , we starting to call them down then they struck , so it seems we have a Falcon problem this year we have not really been bothered for 3/4 years, but for Falcons to go away for 15 mins then come back shows they are not to far away , ????? , the gauntlet is now every where no relaxing where ever !!, they are now in and seem ok we do not know if many are missing at this point we will head count tonight ` it is a little strange that the sparrowhawk has been quiet for a week or so and now the Perigren is around !. It is really the first time 90% were up flying together and enjoying it `. in having dinner now , they will have basket and a grounds liberation a couple of times next week , , and after then we will mark all the young birds in 1/2 weeks time , to see who , what and how etc , just getting them together  and along comes a destuct button ` blasted nusiance `. update when required . Terry  


14th May

Weather not good for any thing, Young birds all in today , fed early hoping to get them out in the morning , they all doing well , we have 26 in sick bay , if you have not had a call from us then yours is ok , the young birds will have to start flying a bit more now , but because we had about 50 younger ones we looked after them , but now they will have to start using the thing on the end of there body called ` wings `, i am sure it will be ok , we have to also be on watch all the time as the predotors are out and about in the form of the deadly Falcon` is on the look out , and with the young birds in a large group it is easy pickings ??? so `sas` type patrol around the lofts while they are out !! 2 trustie lids , and the noise to them is huge and we have detracted a few on there quest of `having a go` ,   As to the yearlings they are now in to the buzzing mode again , so they are happy , Don`t forget watch the Yearling SWAP SWAP birds , they are performing as well ! buy one or get a syndicate up to buy one and have a bit of fun, a gamble we know , but be fair they have and may just do something !! worth a go and the bird you race is in your name ?? and then you can have the bird in your loft after the Final race if you want to , not a lot happening here at the moment well not of interest any way so i will update later. Thanks . Terry  


13th May , 

We have turned the clock off at 1900 hrs ( 7 oclock !!!!! ) we had some later ones in today , with three coming in this morning just as I was taking the panels off , some of the returning birds were tired` but once back in the lofts they perked up brillliantly ` there are a few away , it seems the `Ace`s birds have a few away , let`s hope they make it home soon to get ready for Ypres` a week Sunday , we have put the Final result on so you can see what is what ` Well done to you all, the birds are now in super fit mode , just need to keep there hesds on , to get to the final , no pressure on them , just You and Me I`m afraid `as we want the birds to perform for us . I will mark all the yearlings for the NOM race from Ypres next Friday Night , as I have to leave for the ferry Sat Morning ish , so Now you should all be trusting your birds to pool them and `NOM` them,  a bit of fun and gives you an extra interest !!! . ` do not under estimate your birds` , just because they have Not won any thing yet does not mean they will not !!! Some birds taking a bit longer have now toned up there bodies to get ready for the big one , like we all know we can not help the birds once in the sky , but I will give them the best of every thing to help them get home ??  The young birds are doing well , still have a few a bit bit slow but should catch up , this / next week, not a lot to report really , if you have not had a call from me , then your birds are fine , we call you if there is a problem with a bird , Abourt 3/4 are flying around , with the rest making moves to have a go ,` , next week should see them all in the sky , I will updte later if any thing happens !!!!!!!. Terry  




UPDATE OF THE RACE : `Phew` what a trip from start to finish, it appears they now upgrade the Motorways at night !!! From the M3 to about 10 miles from the end of the M25 , all it is , is Cones , cones with nothing on ` cones with hats on ` cones with lights and futeristic cones with flashing lighs telling you were to go !!! it must of been 80/90 miles of Cones  and speed limits of 30, 40 , 50 , took ages , a bit quicker getting home as all the cones had gone !! till tonight ? . The birds cleared the lib  sight with in 1 minute , the weather was good , a bit of cloud but high up , a West wind on and off , no problems in sight and the wind died off  , we have contacts along route for weather updates , all was ok , only the sea had a misty fog coming from abroad , the birds lib point is the Battle of Britain War museum brilliant for us and what a site to go , as we got closer to home i/e Salisbury , the wind picked up a bit and was about 10 /15 mph on the nose , a bit scary for a while as to where they went , but again all split up with a few bunches together , they need a toughish race , and it made them think , we do not book in the weather , but we watch it closely , no problem for pigeons today , they only had to get there heads on , again we have 2 back with predotor marks , . we will update the result as we can and we will leave the clock on till tomorrow , well done all the winners well deserved , I will update later , Thanks Terry   

11th May


The yearlings will be Basketed late afternoon , the list will be on 6/7 oclock ? the weather is good to go , and I will be looking at a 7.30 ish lib , , Folkestone is a tricky ride for the birds and it will be a West wind again so on the nose !! you can pool ,nom etc , call or email .    Terry

7th May

HASLEMERE RACE 85 Miles BIRDS LIBERATED AT 7.15am Sun up, No Wind Light Fluffy Cloud

Good Luck to everyone  . UPDATE ; Well the birds did ok , not all there but they are trying to get it together , it was by far thr biggest crowd we have watching a Hot Spot , and with the bacon butties and tea & coffee all had a good day , It is still a mystery how some make it hard work for themselves , the extra miles they do to get home should bode them well !! we had a bunch mid afternoon that looked like they have been through a hedge backwards !!! and we have one with bad wing damage how it made it home i don`t know , and there is 3 with small damage , thw gauntlet is now wider then ever for the poor mites ` as to the result 2 hours is quite good , not a lot of wind at the lib point , but across Salisbury area a brisk and swirling West wind , then a changing to South West , so they had to earn there score card today , just had the owner of the 3 birds in the top 4 , well chuffed he is , and hopes they have not shot there bolt  to early``` as it was a nom race , ( a good Trainer ) , with a bit to go for , there was over £480 for the first bird in the Noms , won by Clampy & Smithy . Pools were allowed and a couple took the pot , so well done to all . as for the race and the pigeons , the crowd were insensed that a bird ( a Mealy ) landed early and proceeded to hunt every hen that came in , as they are now used to him as he doe`s it every time they are out , they took no intrest in him at all, the thing is he has a hen of his own floating around , but still has a go , if he was a man , he would dress up , put brillcream on his hair , a dark coat and stand in the rain on a dark dank night getting soaked eyeing up the `talent ` then go home empty handed and go in the toilet for 1/2 hr !!!, i will get him in the right frame of mind , by taking his `Brillcream away`In all it was agood day for them to learn and to have some fun racing , as the weather has been not good , we are still looking at Tuesday the 12th for Folkestone but we will watch the weather closely . I will leave the clock on tonight and the morning , and will let thr yearlings out early for a few hrs and time them in so any returning inthe morning will clock in , i will update later , tomorrow , Thanks and well done all . Terry

6th May 


The weather is not good here , the wind is gusting to 50/60 mph , it means the young birds are not going out ! again , good job we have 300 ft of lofts for them to fly around !!! they will move on next week i/e basketing , going out , and field libs !!!! . they are ok not a lot for them to do just yet some still learning ``  The yearlings will be off to Haslemere tomorrow as we are suppose to have a good day , altho the weather gets worse on route in the afternoon , so I will be looking at a 7 ish Liberation , should take them 2 hrs `BUT `do not take my word for it , if you are coming as it will be early`ish , we have Bacon Rolls for Breakfast ,` but we understand if you do not arrive , the lib time will be on the website as soon as I know I`m going to `let loose`and we will put the result on as soon as we can , as it is a £20 Nom race you can pool as well , we have a nice little Nom pot of £400 and growing !! for the 1st Nom pigeon home , and we have people pooling as well so a nice pot to go for` I hope to keep them going if we can and I am still looking at Folkestone Hot Spot on the 12th May , so fingers and bits crossed the weather is good , and the birds perform , it is now there true colours will show even some that are a bit behind , will `prime` up for the longer ones , tomorrow we have a West wind on the nose which to me is what they like , a bit to think about ` for them , they are in supurb condition and fly around the lofts for over 2 hrs in the mornings , they really do fly as well not just gliding around , off for 1/2 hr , and zipping and darting around , and then they have a race between themselves and go into race mode and streach out the sky in along line , and are `racing` even the nighbours comment on them and enjoy the sight as well . so all they have to do is put it all to the real test tomorrow and onwards , we will mark the birds and put the list on the website tonight . Good luck all . Terry       


4th May

As to the yearling Nom race we have real bad gusting wind coming in tonight for Tuesday and Wednesday it is to reach 50/60 mph , so the best day is THURSDAY , looking for a 7/8 am lib as well ,   the marquee was going to go up that day now` it will not ` so bring a coat !!!!!!!!!  .  All the young birds went out yesterday so they atre now on there way !! just got to get them flying !!! trapping was terriable so all back to basics ,,, it is a good day here today so your racing should be good ?? don`t forget Thursday for the YEARLING nom race from Haslemere, our phone lines are down so all calls are to my mobile at the moment , for pools etc , should be all fixed for late Tuesday ?????? . Terry


2nd May . 

Weather is closing in but not as bad as expected , there could of been racing this morning  ! , We have put the young bird prize fund for 2105 on   `2015 Prize fund `  we still have a few people who need to pay and we hope they do,   `I hope they had a nice holiday !!!! ` As to the yearlings we still have a few to pay as well , either they have forgotten or busy , but we have given long enough , so the birds will be put in the SWAP SHOP for the Yearlings and anyone can buy one , as per the Swap Shop list , if you want to buy a Swap Shop just give a ring and we will sort it ! , all the young birds are now in together, and will be going out in a bunch as soon as we can i/e weather, racing etc , but looking at Sunday if we can , that will be over 1000 birds out , we have about 300 up flying and we have heavy fed them to keep them `down` we now change there feeding and feed to help them `want to fly ` , so in a week or so most will be flying ?? . , the yearlings are ready for the `NOM race and yes you can pool as well , we are hoping the weather holds out for us , but we have to watch closely as the reports have been a bit off ` as they report , like rain , and we had no rain ```` high wind s , no wind ???? I will update when needed. Thanks enjoy the weekend !  Terry

1st May 

We are having trouble with our server for thre website , so we may be down for a while ?? also the phone lines are playing up , should be fixed ?? out of our hands !!!! `It is now fixed`?     PLEASE NOTE   The Nom race from HASLEMERE is `NOT    on Monday 4th I am looking at `TUESDAY` 5th.  reason` the local combines and feds are going on Monday due to the bad weather this weekend ? so as we do not want to clash and have a 5/6 thousand stray birds , we will give the club racing a chance ,  see thinking of the birds again !!!! so fingers crossed , and good racing if you can !  Terry

28th April.

The Yearlings Marked list is now on the Basket List


27th April ` UPDATE ` 20.15 pm

The decision to go today was the right one , as we have strong East winds coming for the week , but still some made hard work of it !! . but first off , it is the first time the birds have shown a bit of fright , on releasing the birds only about half came out on release and the others looked frightened , i had a look around to see if any `spikies` were around , `clear` they then decided to go for it some 2/3 minutes later , the first batch were still going round , so they soon caught up , `but the birds circled for 8/10 minutes ` was there a nasty up there ` about 20 birds broke out in singles and it looked like a strike was going on` but there was nothing ! then they all met up again and soon headed for home , i was a little worried to see what was home , but really not to bad , then the stragglers were poping in and were hopping on the trap , so they had been got at some where`, if only they could talk ` they must think we are sending them to the valley of `death when we basket them , a couple away, but I will basket and mark them tomorrow with an update, Once they are back in the lofts they are buzzing again , The weather determins what we do and the long range shows a bad day next Monday , which is the Nom race from Haslemere , we will watch as we get closer , but it looks like heavy rain in a Strong East wind ?? .time will tell , the result is on `Yearling Result` , Terry 

The weather is getting worse as the week goes on so we had a Yearling 35 mile trainer this morning (Monday) the birds were released at 10.40 am in 5/7 mph West wind , will update later this evening , we timed the birds in and the result is on ``Yearling Training `  I intend to mark the yearling birds tomorrow. Back to it . Terry


26th April , 

We will be publishling the young bird Prize fund , BUT  we still have a few that have not paid there balance to enter if you have not paid the balance please do so as it is holding up the owners of 1000 pigeons, Thank you . 

 I am also letting 900 young birds out this morning so a late tea for me !!! , the weather is not looking to good for the start of the week so we will play it by ear for the yearling trainer ?  all is going ok , will update later . Terry .


24th April .

The result of the race and pools for the yearlings is on `Yearling Race Result` with pools &nom etc, it took a little longer to get it on due to the fact ,( if you know a little about computers we had windows 7 now we have windows 8)  that not every thing you have on file etc , can go on windows 8 , we had one thing , that it did not upgrade , `our race and pool sheets ` so when we entered it all ,  ` it well did`nt work` , so our computer man and Jane sorted it` just` so it should be ok next time !!!  we will Mark the Yearlings for a trainer hopefully on  Tuesday or Wednesday , weather permitting , at the moment we have 4 birds away from the 1st Hot Spot , so we will Mark and load it on the website . all is good here ` Now` , the young birds are ok , we have the last 120 birds in the aviary , learning to trap etc , so now all the birds have been in the aviary even the birds this week, not a lot to report yet but will do later , hope your racing goes well at the weekend , !! Terry   

22nd April   YEARLING RACE UPDATE . update result on `Yearling Race `

The 1st Hot Spot of 55 miles is always a heart stopper , `are they ready` ` is it far enough ` sat waiting for the time to liberate, all thoughts go in to the thinking !!! an East wind not bad but an East wind , they will go the long way , ` blown off course at speed , proberly do 155 miles instead of the easy one  , just over the hour for the first ones , not bad really , , but still some made hard work of it , we hope they learnt alot and are now fitter than before , funny how some will fly for 6/7 hrs instead of the hr !!!!!! , it appears they came home the back way , `from the west ` which showed they were out of control for a while and had to `tack back home against the wind , which really is what they are used to doing , next trainer 4th May  Haslemere they will have a couple of trainers up to it if needed, but a couple of days now chilling out will do them a world of good we will leave the clock on for tomorrow dinner time to see the later ones , we still have a few away and i reckon they will be there next marking , to the winners a great perfomance 1st &2nd , Fingal Lofts 3rd Owen & Hograth , well done on the pools and Nom etc , that will be printed out tomorrow when the clock is off . don`t dispare if your bird is alater one it is saving its self for the harder ones !!!, i will mark all the Yearlings  after the weekend ready for the next trainer . Thanks Terry.


  22nd April . Yearling Hot Spot , If you are coming to watch :  I WILL NOT LIBERATE BEFORE 11am , I AM LOOKING AT A 11am LIB , we have a East North East wind , so do not leave it to late , they will beat you with no wind , so `````  we will put the lib time on as soon as they are up , GOOD LUCK .

21st April

The yearlings are ready for the Hot Spot tomorrow , and will be basketed in the morning ! we have quite a good day ahead , with an East wind on there tail , so we hope they apply the brakes when needed !! the Gold rings have gone well a shame not all had a go , as it is a good bit of fun ! but still a good amount to win !  pools are going on all the time and has a nice pot to go for ` the £20 Nom is going to catch on as we have a good few having a go ` you have untill 9 o,clock in the morning to put your bets on , then it is closed as the birds will be on there way , We can not take Gold rings, Pools or Noms, after 9 am Wednesday . Guessing the time for the birds is for you to guess` it is part of the game , lots ask me when should they get home , !!!!!! , we all hope they are quicker than others, all I can tell you is they are` fit ` and ready for the 55 miles , and if they need it a bit longer as well to gat home in case something disturbs them , we will put the result on the website as soon as we can . So sleep tight your birds are just warming up , Good Luck all , Terry  

19th April  Yearlings

The yearlings have been marked and the List is on `Yearling Basket List` i gave them a health check and all are well , only one has a punture wound and I will assess her later on ! The yearlings will be going to the First Hot Spot on Wednesday , I will be looking at approx a 11 to 11.30 am Liberation weather permitting. if you are coming to watch we will have tea and a bacon roll at hand , !!!! , Also all Final payments are now due as agreed, if you paid the first part then only the second part is due ( £50) per bird .Any bird not paid for will go into the SWAP SHOP for sale to anyone !. We have put the prize fund list on 2015 Yearling Prize Fund` . it is hoped all will pay there Dues ` if so the prize fund `is as is ` we hope it surfices the need to enjoy the racing , and lets hope they have a safe program to home in with ? Also do not forget the £10.00 Gold Ring , split in the HOT SPOTS ` Also the New £20.00 nom on Haslemere and Ypres` just bet £20 on your bird /s and winner takes all , (there are no other prizes in the 2 NOM races), and of course pools are allowed if required !. so we look forward to your entries being paid up so we can progress onwards !!! It is a good race program to be involved in and we hope will give you some real excitment , I know there are bets between each other which is agreat bit of fun , so please enjoy the racing and may the best English ,Welsh, Scotish or Guernsey` bird win in a true pigeon race . Terry   

 19th April  The young birds last intake day . 

Quite a few birds arrived today , but we still have a couple of people that could not make it for reasons so we let them have a bit of grace and will get them here in the week !!! the young birds are doing well , we have a few in sick bay but all are treated the same , with some that look `out` in a section of `quiet` to help ? we now have another 140 ready to join the lot going out , not a lot flying just yet , `no problem as we don`t want the strong ones doing to much , although we have 250 going for a spin around ,  all should be ready for flying end of April and we will be looking to get them up `up and away in the sky when ready to do so !! We will post on the website the numbers and Prize fund later when it slows down a bit , a little disapointing not to reach the 1000 paid , but we have tried the best we can to give all a chance at a good price to enter, , still` we will still have a top prize fund for the money in and the entries in as per normal . I will update later on the bits required, all is going well and the weather has made a great difference , warm and dry , instead of April damp and wet , I will update later . Thanks Terry    


17th April    Yearling update

We took the Yearlings to 38 miles this morning with a 10.20 liberation , all birds stayed together untill out of sight and heading for home ! they appeared to have a good fly again with some making hard work of the fly , the result is not all there as some idiot forgot to switch the pads on from marking , I think it was the cleaner as nobody else owened up , and as I do the cleaning , looks like `Me ` again , we do have a few away , but as i said I will mark them on Sunday for the Wednesday Hot Spot , so you can see if your birds are in etc , I will update later , `if I remember `!!!!!! . Thanks `DICK ....   



16th April               YEARLINGS

The yearling trainer will be this Friday 17th, We will Mark the Yearlings on Sunday for their Hot Spot on Wednesday and it will be on   `Yearling Basket List`   you can Pool the yearlings if you like !  Also you can GOLD RING them as well £10.00 per pigeon for all the Hot Spots,  you just need to call or email if you want to Pool or Gold Ring them ! We hope now they have settled down as they are in great condition and we hope are left alone in the skies ! The real fun now starts and we hope you are all waiting with `anticapation` and hope ? . Once the list is on Sunday the other part of the Entry is Due as required , we have a few that will go on to the Swap Shop for the 1st Hot Spot.   Swap Shop birds are £200.00 each that is fully activated and the bird becomes YOUR property and it will be transfered into your name as required , . Hope to hear from you all with your requests !!!!!!? Terry


14th April 

Took the yearlings for a 30 miler this morning once the low cloud and mist cleared , birds were released at 11.40 am , in 5 mph West wind , untill the birds were out of sight they all stayed together in a group , the main bunch home did there job and a few others made hard work of it , one later one had  tail damage` so something had ago at them , We still have a couple to come yet `they will`  The training result is on `Yearling Training` a good result to see as you can see , the trapping was good as well , we have a video of the trapping see it on the latest movies. The birds did well , again Thurs or Friday to get readyfor the 1st Hot Spot on Wednesday , weather permitting. All young birds out tomorrow , also the younger ones are in a basket ready for `trapping duty ` then aviary on Thursday to show their trapping skills !!!!. Thanks Terry    

12th April 

Yearlings had there 25 miler this morning Liberated at 09.30 , in very brisk South west wind , !!  All home Jane was there to call them in etc,  a group of about 100 came together , then 30 2 mins later and about 20 straight after and afew together and couple of singles 10 mins later , but all beat me home ` Tuesday next trainer at `Stonehenge ` i will put the traps on to clock them in from now on , I must admit the first 3/4 trainers were a bit worring` as they seemed to come in all split up , not what is needed for them to get back in the `groove` so let`s hope they are now left alone and are aloud to perform how they can and we expect` I know they are as good as anything around they need to be able to prove it which they will ! so get geared up for the best yearlings now on the road ` to give you something to watch !!! update later , thanks Terry. 

10th April 

Took the Yearlings for a 25 miler , but the low cloud and weird mist , hung around and is still here , not good visabilty any where , brought them back for a field toss at home, Sunday is next goodish day ?? , Letting 280 young birds out for a look around on the grass , !! so I will be sat down watching guard` as needed this time of year  !! , Thanks Terry 

7th April.

The Yearlings were back on the road today , i basketed them at 6 am as it was getting light ! but we had low cloud and mist till after Dinner time !!!!, still basket training will not hurt ` as it was there first outing since the attack , as the weather has been bad , i went to our 15 miler to hopefully give some confidance for them , well I released them at 1.30 pm , they went straight East back to last weeks lib point of `destruction ` i could not believe it i watched them in the binoculars for 10/15 mins just flying around in a circle `ducking and diving , coming back then off again East ` why i have no answer only if they have learnt any thing from me it may of been to get revenge on the `Bullies`, but not good for the watching ` Coach` , I did think we will have another hit ` and was driving home quite disapointed ` but driving in the field I saw a big bunch arrive and was really pleased to see them , and they were trapping like demons ` as well , jane was sat with the video and caught them on film so you can see the out come . it is also nice to tell you that all we took are`Home and now getting ready for Friday ? Phew , always a bit of a nerver` getting back on the ` Bike ` but there on the road again and hope it stays that way , 20 miller on Friday ,, weather permitting then onward. Young birds are good and now they have the whole loft to fly around as they are all together , except the younger ones who are now in the aviary learning the hard bit , Untill next time . Terry   

5th April , 

Weather is now much better , we are letting young birds out for a look around and the older ones to have a fly , we are letting 180 out fior the 2nd time , so should be fun!!, the yearlings are back on the road on Tuesday as it is a good day for them , so we hope all goes well ? we are supposed to have a good week so we will try and have birds in the sky as much as we can ?? It is getting to the end of the intake in 2 weeks, so all birds should be in by the 19th April . hope all is well for you , Thanks Terry

1st April 

I have marked the Yearings in the Loft and the list is on 2015 `Yearling Basket List` we had a couple return yesterday worn out and frightened , we have all had a hit sometime and it is not nice for any one , but this was a scene from a nightmare, it is the second time i have watched an attack and this was as brutal as it can get and i hope you do not see it happen to you. The weather is a total mess as well here as most places , but I let the yearlings out early this morning and after 15 mins or so they were all out flying , except the 2 yesterday ! , but it is good to see them now in the loft enjoying being back , The young birds are not happy as they can not go out , it was calm this morning and I was ready to let them out when the wind picked up and it is now gusting at 35 mph with sun ` !! it just poured with rain for 4 mins , drenched every where and the sun appeared !! we have 130 just gone in the aviary for the first time , as it is sheltered a little , WE are hoping to get the yearlings on a trainer soon but the weather is not good  but we will see and play it by ear !!! Not a lot to report but I will update if needed ,` Patience` needed !! Terry   

 26th March ,

We have given the Yearlings 3 trainers , with the 3rd being from a fantastic high spot at 20 miles , a great day, light N/W wind , nice high fluffy clouds , we had about 30 people watching as they were walkers and having picnics etc , and they asked loads of questions `all properly aswered` , the birds were released 12,45 , people were watching them circle ,as I started to pack the transporter up , someone shouted look `an attack ` I watched in horror as 3 birds of prey went into the pack of Yearlings with about 100 speeding of home wards?  the rest were being chashed , split up , ducking and diving , b ```````rds i shouted and some of the people had a look of shock and horror on there face`s as the Falcons were attacking them , a sad sight to see them get hit in this brilliant lib point for a short toss , we have been going there for years , and had no real  trouble ,this was as bad as I have seen , some birds headed the wrong way to get out of the way ` , some ladies were so sad to have seen it happen to such mild and super birds. On getting home there were 50/60 in the lofts and they were returning all afternoon , we had 6 on the roof this morning . and more have arrived to date , there is one with puncture wounds but not to bad , we have a couple reported in lofts as they dived in for safty` they will have a couple of days in to relax etc , looking at training Tues /Wed ? `Sad  The Young birds are doing well at present with quite a few arriving today , `to signup` i will update if and when , , but it has put a nervious bit in the stomoch now , Terry.     


20th March . 

Weather has put a stop to training the yearlings a horriable low cloud with mist mid morning , it looks good for Sunday so we will see, once we get them going `no stopping ` !!! let the young birds out and they sat around , so in for tea and a day in tomorrow, (low cloud) We have put the Yearling race Program on ` YEARLING  BASKET LIST ` we have 4 Hot Spots and the Final , just to give a bit of excitment , it would be nice to see a few come to the Hot Spots to see some of the best birds perform `also we have put the later ones on a weekend !! so should get your juices going ` , all is good except the wether but that will change ?? update if needed Thanks Terry  


17th March

It appears we had a little problem with our server for the website , we have moaned and kicked a... but that is all we can do , they will resume as soon as possiable , they do applogise tho` , the yearlings were out at 7 am , and were flyoing for over 2 1/2 hrs , they went off for 45 mins on a mission` and a few came back a bit quick so we guess they had an `altacation ` some where !!!! but all home so will have a morning in tomorrow , we still have low cloud and an East wind for a couple of days , so we will have to see when the first Yearling trainer will be , hope to get it in this week ?? we hade 250 young birds out today and had about 50 in the sky having a look around !!!! others were having aflip around as well , they had a bath and chilled out in the sun after miday , they were lazing around sun bathing on the grass and it was good to see the sun out , it makes a whole world of difference to them , not huddled up ` just enjoying the warm air , good to see, the new intake were in the walk way in the aviary as well enjoying the sun , we have another 125 going into the aviary from tomorrow to learn the trapping !!. Dry here but a nippy East wind that the birds don`t like much !! all is good at the moment and we hope it keeps that way , Thanks Terry


12th March 

Any birds delivered today (Thursday) will be on the ring list tomorrow , we had quite a few and they arrived 3.45 pm , a little to late to `sign them in ` so will be done in the morning , But all were well and are in baskets with food and water and they all had a good strech ` drink and eat, and look good , all the birds are doing well , and we now have added another 60 ready to go out in the fresh air  , weather naughty tomorrow, all going well . update later. Terry


10th March 

The other 100 young birds went out with the first 100 today in the sunshine , took about 15 mins for all to drop on the grass , but no problems , they all trapped as they should , `through the traps `and 12 took there time but were all in in 5 mins ,  once again the trapping is tops , and the birds react well to them , hope it contiunes ! All the new ones in over the weekend  were put through the traps by hand today and had a little check up as well , tomorrow weather permitting they will go in to the aviary for the first time !! and left to trap as normal !! `I wonder if there is any that might rebel`````` , we have a couple in` rehab` with a belly ache , and the owners have been notified ! so we will follow there day to day . The yearlings are now getting there form back , all trapped this morning in under a minute !! , they were out at 7 am , and in at 10.30 am , later they will go out twice a day and next week in the basket for a little training toss , then move on as we should , they are all in great shape and are as calm as can be !! , if any news happens we will update . Thanks Terry 



8th March 

Time is flying by ` the young birds are doing well and now getting used to our way , and all are in good order , altho` we have to keep them in check , !!!! we have another 100 to go out this week coming weather permitting ,, then possiable another 100 not long after , as they are going in the aviary asap, to lesrn the tricks of th trade , `Trapping` we have had some new visters and all were impressed in `what , how , and `why . and are now looking forward to the racing , we even have a couple of first timers getting excited about the Yearlings , ` and they don`t have any in it ` !! butt I think they will be when the Yearling start and the Swap Shop ones start performing , the yearlings go out every morning 7 ish and in by 10.30 ish and fly for well over 1 1/2 hrs flipping zipping and sailing and now in a racing line as well so they are back in the `Groove` all is good here at the present , the weather is on the change a bit , wet and damp , which is not nice for the birds  and the young ones just sit and mope ` around `, people seem a bit later this year due to late laying or clear eggs` possable too much grub in the winter ?? , Filling up nicly and we will update if needs be ` Thanks Terry  


4th March

The first intake young birds had there first day out today `` first time on the grass , i had a seat , a cup of tea , and sun glasses on , they were out for 1 1/2 hrs and trapped well considering , 8 stayed out longer but soon went in when the grub was served up , , 102 out  102 in , we have a short video , which is a bit movable ish , as just as I started `filming up went about 20 birds , my eyes were not where the camera was so it is not long and a bit , `wavey ` still ` out they went , 20 pigeons in every direction there is , and it was great to watch them land down on or near the lofts , , you could see and hear the ` buzz in the lofts after there tea they enjoyed it !!! we also had the yearlings out early and a short video of them is on ` At ` The Movies ` , it will get better to film when they settle down at being out ` nerve racking but good fun , ! enjoy the short videos , update later . Terry  


 2nd March (already)

The young birds are doing well , and learning quickly , weather permitting we will have about 120 ish going out in the fresh air this week hoping for Wed ` , the weather is not good here at the moment strong winds and rain and sleet , so we have to watch the weather to progress  !! we have 70 ready to go out in the aviary and leasrn there trapping etc , so we now need some good days for them . The Yearlings are in good form now we have let them all in to together , and that is how we will race them , it will keep them on there toes and is a motivater for them , Light training will be in about 2/3 weeks , then the fun starts again ! We see there is a non  Enterant asking how we can offer a prize fund , well as we all know bar them it is simple the more birds entered the more we can pay out , and because we are the only ones to offer £50,000 1st prize for  the Final race. We can only only do so with a 1000 paid pigeons as we promise , we do not promise this and that if we don`t get it in , any way the best way for them to know how things work is to enter and see first hand !!. It also seems that the RPRA are still in a mess , with naughty bits flying around etc ,,and it seems our region the S/ West has been targeted , things have to run properly not just as they want it to , still the truth will come out soon ,  . All we want is to race birds and because of the politics it is ruining the sport , `dam greedy people`,  (see our Letters page ). club racing is not far away now , you should now be preparing for training !!! , All is good here with the birds , the weather is a problem etc , but we can`t change that , Thank goodness. Terry     


25th February

The Yearlings are now out every morning just after 7 am , and flying well , some time next week the cocks and hens will be in together to as they please, as soon they will be training and racing and need to be settled in there way` ! but all looking good and are now getting back to flying and getting fit !! The young birds are doing really well and the older ones have today gone over to the other side to get ready to go out in the fresh air and on to the grass, !!!!!!!! that is when the heart goes to the stomach and vise versa !!! that will happen on a good day early next week . the latest young birds are in the aviary for the first time today so that will be intresting for trapping,  A few arriving tomorrow so will be busy` we have some people call in to say they are really excitited about the racing and can not wait for them to get going , which is good as it shows how interested they are , how it should be , and it seems from a few that we are offering a great race and system , not just a `One Loft` which again is nice to hear, well the lofts are buzzing with young and yearlings getting ready so if any thing happens I will update , `keep em coming`  Thanks Terry. 


20th February

The intake is picking up now , and we have 3 video`s on   `At the Movies`, of  new intake today and yesterday, the older young birds in the aviary ,and of them trapping , all is good here except the weather , , hope all is going well your end , and them eggs are keeping warm , and the little ones are feeding well to get here. not a lot happing yet , will update later , Thanks Terry 


13th February

On Thursday we let the young birds into the aviary for the first time , on Wednesday I put all the birds through the trap by hand for them to be welcomed by their feed , the young birds had a good 5/6 hours in the aviary enjoying the outside and looking around at their new home surroundings , to get them in I opened the traps in the aviary and left them to get on with what they have to do , well within 3/4 hr ALL the young birds had gone through the traps and eating there food , well impressed with them , friday saw heavy rain and wind so they stayed in `not to get cold as the wind was a nasty chill ` they are now in the mood in how we do things and the mornings are great as they can`t wait for me to open the sections for them to be there own boss in the walkway !! we have new ones in and more on saturday and they will go through the same , but have the older ones to watch , great fun watching them learn and the way they run everywhere , some fly to beat them , but still good fun to them and us !!. The yearlings are good the hens went out in the afternoon and flew for over an hour , enjoying it , had a bath in a rain shower , and looked like they were sun bathing !! all good here the birds in, are fine and doing well , i just hope your young birds are ready for coming to enjoy it as well , Thanks Terry.

10th February .

The birds are doing well with no problems here ! the avairy is now up for them and they will be going out there from Thursday to learn the bits etc , they are now in to how we do things and it looks like a little army routine , left , right , left, right, they are there to teach the new intake and it helps . The yearlings are fine and now go out most days and fly for a good hour and then prarade around the roof and floor , pretending they are` Britains got talent` especily the Cocks !!!!! The new year is well on the way and it has come around quick as well , so it will not be long before the young birds are zipping through the skys , no real news here or gossip` if there is I will update , Thanks Terry

5th  February

The young birds are arriving and Monday saw the first 14 in ` On Tuesday I let them have a wonder around the walk way for the first time and took a Video of them doing so ,!!!! they arrived in top condition and are a credit to the owners ! we also took Video`s of the Yearlings Cocks and Hens  just before feeding time , so if you go to `At the Movies` you will have a movie to watch all about `Birds`,,,,,,,,  we have a few more in since the Monday and we had 23 today and will be on the ring list tomorrow  . it appears people mated up early this year to get them in , I believe it is the best thing to do for One Loft racing well in here anyway, as really they have a lot tougher competition to fly against here , what with the top fanciers and the birds they are sending in the competition and racing is the highest !!! all is good here and now it is 24/7 Pigeons , nice and peace full down the lofts !! the weather is a bitter East wind , good job we don`t wear Kilts here as my `knees would get cold` !!!!!! we will update the list as they come in and if there is any thing to report I will , hope all the breeding is going well ,   `keep them eggs warm `  Thanks Terry.  


1st February 

Intake has started with a few coming in Monday and a few more for the week , looking forward to it , The Yearlings are in great shape and are bouncing around the lofts happy and content ` now going out and flying well in between the weather !! really bitting wind here for a week and worse to come next week , we hope the cold weather has not not damaged any breeding ? it seems Scotland has had the worse snow etc , and the winds are playing a big part this year, possiably a bit worse to come this month !!! still the ponds are not frozen yet ! We will be going to the Welsh fair in Llantrisant on 28th March to collect birds for the Welsh flyers or anyone who is going there , we will let you know what `where` and how a bit later , when we know `!! but I will be going , if you can ring or email me to say you will bring birds will help , we don`t know the set up there yet but sounds OK . the more the better , altho it may be a bit late for some , but it all helps, we will update as soon as any thing to update , i/e intake birds on 2015 `Ring List`   . P/s The Gold rings can be added later or you can enter now , as long as it is done before the 1st Hot Spot,  Thanks Terry.


25th January .

The intake starts next weekend and that has `zoomed` by since the end of August , As most know by now we recommend  HIGHFLYERS COURIERS`  purly because they will get the birds down to us the following day from picking them up from you, if you want to use your own courier no problem but please just make sure when they will deliver them to Somerset, we don`t mind who they are but best is to Phone them up and check what day they will arrive here at the lofts , also Highflyers will give you a £5.00 discount if you are sending birds to the Somerset One Loft just mention to them and they `should knock off the £5.00 . The main reason is some couriers hold on to the birds and say they pen them up  ?? Well your young birds are entering the One Loft world and need all the help they can get to keep them well , if it is wrong when traveling then they are on the wrong foot from the start , it is the duty of the Couriers to do there job as proffesionals as they say they are , young birds need to be here as soon as possiable , this has stemmed up from people complaining of the birds not arriving here any time from 2 to 5 days after being picked up , i am only putting what people have said , and i think it should be no longer than a day traveling or less . The yearlings are good and are now flying well around and are now out for 2 hrs or more , as cocks and then the hens we had one causulty today one yearling came  back with a baddly damaged wing and looks out of the running for the yearling start , the owners `have been told so if i hav`nt told you ,its not your bird !!!!!!. all is good here and the weather is again getting wet , but the young birds will soon make that not a worry as they will be in the dry , I hope your breeding is going well or you had a good one , or the eggs are the best you have had  !! no matter what now i think people should have there birds paired up now , even for racing club as it gives an extra string to your bow when needed , whether it works is another thing but there is a better chance for early bred youngsters which are going to race . Update later . Thanks Terry


18th January,

Well Blackpool is over and I think it worked well for most people , a lot of people from 10 ish to 3 ish  on the Saturday and looked really busy , most of the stands were in the Horseshoe area, so it was a bit cramped for a while , as all were in the same place , but turned out ok , some were a bit squashed , but hope fully it will be better next year , , as for us , it was great and nice to meet people who we talk to on the phone nice to put faces to names , had   new entries as well , a different blackpool but OK , it seemed how the old Blackpool was with 300 stands and 30,000 people coming , now about 100 stands and 13,000 people in a smaller place , sign of the times ?? . the entries are doing well and we are still hoping to pay out £50,000 for the winning pigeon from the Final, if all the application forms are returned we will get there , `with change ` so get them them forms in before it`s to late , birds are arriving in 2 weeks or so  as the early breeders want to get them in early ! It is looking good now , and the yearlings are now in get shape  and will we hope be out and about this coming week if the weather is good to us , it is now full `Pigeon` time for us , and Jane will be on hand for calls and application forms , as she has her foot in plaster after a foot opp` so is now only sat down getting `fat `so she now has some book work to do , so at least her fingers will lose a bit of weight !!! `ouch`, thanks to all  that came to meet us , sorry we were always busy and talking ` but that is what we are there for` , we will keep you informed if any thing happens , and as soon as the birds arrive we will put them on 2015 list ! the yearlings will have a health check and be wing stamped ready for there gauntlet  challenge , thanks Terry 


11th January                      OUR STAND AT BLACKPOOL IS IN THE HORSESHOE STAND 54.

Well this time next week the Blackpool show will be over and all heading on the way home , I see it is somewhat a bit smaller !! it seems to lose people every year, the winter Gardens are being revamped , and we have to put up with that a bit , bit it appears most are put in the Horse shoe area , still` will keep you going round and round , all day , so we may see you a few times !!! , the weather is really windy , but not as bad as up North / Scotland , it now feels bitter cold in the wind so it feels like we get some winter cold stuff soon , America has it cold now so we should get a bit later on ? The intake is going well , altho a lot are waiting to see how the Somerset Special is going , if you all wait we will not have many , so if you are thinking on it , then do it , it is for a good prize , the more we get the more we pay out , and a good bit of fun ,!!! we are trying to give a prize for every thing , so sign up and have a gamble ! The Yearlings are in real good shape and so they should be , they have not been out for 2 weeks due to the weather , but we will get them out as soon as it is good , after Blackpool is OK to get them going all is well and getting ready  . Thanks Terry 


3rd January

I hope your babies in the nest are doing well the cols snap is returning soon as it is wet and damp here for a couple days , we have a good response so far, A few people have asked about the Somerset Special , this is another part for your pigeons to win some money !! all it is if you enter pigeons in the Loft you are entitled to a couple of extra birds at £150.00 for 2 . so if you enter say `Option 2....  4 +2 , for £400.00 you can enter 2 extra birds for £150.00 so you will send 8 birds for £550.00 . . the birds will have a prize fund of there own for the Hot Spots , so first Somerset Special bird home wins ...say £100. AND the bird can also win any Hot Spot prize as ALL the entry fee goes in to the race . Then at are Final Hot Spot ` Folkestone` the birds can win the pot of the `Somerset Special` so if we have say 100 birds entered in the Somerset Special there will be a Pot of £7,500 to go for , so we Could have £7,000 for the first Somerset Special Bird home , well worth a go !! , After the Folkestone race you pay an Extra £35.00 per bird to enter the Final from `Ypres` where it races for the MAIN prize. some have asked for First Second and Third at Folkestone for the Somerset Special birds , we can wait to see how many we get in and see then ?? If you have any problems let us know and we help ?? All is good here the Yearlings are in great form and now the time is getting ready for `BIRD work soon as Feb approaches , There is a big football game down here lowly Yeovil  play Manchester United and the buzz is huge we hope the Yeovil Goal keeper has his best game ever !! that buzz in Somerset for the Football is `NOTHING` compared to what it is  here waiting for the Young birds to arrive and to racing the Yearlings in what is going to be the best and Biggest racing in the UK for 2015. see you soon .  Terry             


29th December,

Really cold here they predicted minus 5 on Sunday night , well at my barn it was `Minus 8` so that should kill off some nasty bugs around ? a great sunny day followed but a bitter wind , still it is winter and I can`t go skating on the pond yet` so not cold enough !!!!!. The yearlings are fine and been out a couple of times over the Christmas and flew well , I hope all the breeding is going well and not to cold for you or the birds !!  Not long now before the entries will be arriving, Feb will soon be here . If you click on to The Letters Page we have a picture of the School St Davids receiving the Cheque from Me and Jane for the `Flight of Remembrance` well worth doing in the end , , Have you seen the write up in the Racing Pigeon Pictorial , they followed us on our `Mission for the Flight of Remembrance` and did quite a few bits but this was the final run up to the Final race  a really good set up and we thank the Racing Pigeon for that . the Racing Pigeon also did a special book with regards WW1 about what went on and pigeons etc a truly good bit od work and a tribute to the Racing Pigeon for doing so , they also used us as `Pigeons today and what we were doing in 2014 for the 100 years Anniversary, went down well . Also the book that has a bit about us and pigeons is now at the printers and is being ` edited `. we will let you know when it is out so you can buy a copy ! If they sell a fair few they may make a Film of it and be a big `cinema hit ` I think I will play Myself in it , just to make it `life like !!!!. All is good here not a lot to report just yet . We hope you had a good Christmas and now have a good News Year Eve to bring in  2015 . Thanks Terry and Happy New Year from Me & Jane      


23rd December

Sorry to be be so long , but phones etc were down for  10 days now our main computer is out of energy, and a new new one is need !!!!!!!!!!. The Yearlings are fine and  still in great shape , the entries are coming in great and looking good , Blackpool  is a bit different as they are revamping the winter gardens and we are all packed in the horseshoe so we will have to wait and see what is what when we get there?.We  wish you all a Merry Christmas and a cracking newyears we will keep you informed of what is happening ,off now to buy a computer , that means Janes Christmas present is out . Thanks Terry


, altho` last year he was poorly to much to come , he has helped and written about pigeon stuff for donkeys years , every thing he went into he put his all into it no matter what it was, he gave the pigeon world a mass of info` and was known all over the world for his ideas and his honest ways , if you knew Bilco ` then you were lucky, He will be missed coming in when he wanted and having Tea and homemade cakes , and most times he left with a bag full of cakes or meals to eat , a gent respected.  `A sad time for the happy Scot`. Terry And Jane 



9th December

Not a lot happening here , the yearlings are fine and finding out which cocks are hens and vice versa ` !!! weather is now in winter mode` . Applications are coming in nicely and is the busiest yet at this time of year so looking good . Pick up of Birds to come to Somerset`  As we did last year we would go to the Birmingham area and have a pick up point , if we can get someone up further to pick birds up and meet us , and then someone up further again to meet them , then we could all save a lot on carriage , we have again been offered from HIGHFLYERS couriers a £5.00 OFF a pick up and delivery to Somerset, a great offer as they did`nt have to offer it but that is Highflyers always there to help , and they GARANUTEE  the next day delivery to us as required , as you are sending your best young birds to perform here and should be here asap not locked up in a box or a cage in someone`s garage waiting until they have a couple of drops in the same area , so please if you want to make sure your birds get here in a day and in the shape you sent them then Highflyers are there . but if you prefer you can bring them yourself to have a day out and a cup of tea / coffee and a chat and of course a tour of the lofts  !! or we will have a pick up point , but we need someone to help up North to bring them Half way may only cost a fiver each for fuel ? lets hope we can sort it out , . Breeding is now underway and it looks like we are going to get early birds in as a few have paired up there `crack pairs to enter here, looking forward to it as always and I hope we can pay out the £50,000 1st prize with a 1000 paid birds just an extra bird from all will do it ???  The lofts are now sorted and sparking clean for the intake ,  but the Yearling are a pleasure to work with, and we are looking forward to them training and racing , not long now , any way any good volunteers to collect birds and meet up let me know , we need a good few to make it work , look around end FEB  and again Mid to Late March it will help keep your costs down as well . update if some thing happens Thanks  Terry        



30th November 

Telford show was Ok a little smaller than Doncaster but we had just as many inquiries and the real Interest was good  The Doncaster show was a good result for the Racing Pigeon with over 6000 people going , we certainly gave away a big pile of application forms and a lot have sent in all ready, it seems the good reviews we have are now justified . The Final race was as good as we could ask for and the returns were good , but it appears how we run it is the main thing and what we offer. Telford is a great venue for a pigeon show and a huge hall that could hold tripple  the amount of trade stands , there was 2 Auctions of birds there with birds fetching some high prices ` there must of been about 10 ish stands of selling pigeons all selling there best winners !! a lot of the pigeons went before dinner time as the early birds came to buy there birds early ! lots of pigeon things with the normal breeding bits, as Aberdare was not on earlier there were a lot of Welsh fanciers walking around . for us it is always worth a drive up as we meet people we only talk to on the phone or emails , We hope Blackpool is next in the new year, it is cold and damp today so hence this little update, our land line is out of order , emails take a age to send or receive so if you are trying , I`m getting ........... as well . my mobile is working if a clear line !!! not a lot happening just yet all is ready for next year , and the yearlings are , `top ` Thanks Terry      


27th November ,

We have marked and sexed all the Yearling birds , and the list is on `Yearling Basket List` , at the moment all our Phone lines are down and we can only get on this page of the Website ?? , so we will update when all is fixed , but enjoy reading your `birds ` they are in great shape . Terry  Telford on Saturday might see you there ? 

26th November

To start we can at this moment NOT receive or make any telephone calls , due to...............  hope they are fixing it ?? will be ok soon !!! . Today Wed we went off to Newport in Wales to a school  to present them with there `Flight of Remembrance ` winning prize , well we have been to some presentations over the last few years  but the welcome here was brilliant , in fact heart warming` we had about 150/180 school children from 5 to 10 yrs old ,   for me to talk to them was a pleasure as they knew nothing what so ever what we were there for , The head teacher was as pleased as any one could be and was so grateful for the prize . in the end the children were silent through out the little talk and were `well chuffed is an understatement ` we took along a basket of birds to show them , we had questions asked from all quarters good ones as well , and of course all the birds got a `Ahhhhhhhhhhhh`  from them all when we explained a little about how the pigeons work they were sat with mouths open in seeing a real live racing pigeon  in there school , of course they have seen the street pigeons but to see these real atheltes next to them they were oar struck ` we explained how they won and what pigeons did in the 2 World Wars, a great sigh was heard when I told them some heroic feats of the pigeons !! the great thing being when we told the school they won a trip to Belgium for 3 days they were over the moon ` , it was a knock back that the rules and health and safety did not work for them so they could not take these little people on the trip , rules out of our hands ` so we donated the cost of the trip to the school to do with as they wish, as we let the head know we would donate the money she was so over come she shed a tear ` they so much needed to upgrade there play ground  for the children and the donation we gave them kick started there venture,  they got the older little ones (10 yr olds) to get wheels in motion and they designed a play ground that would do the job , as we donated they got more to help and the contractors dropped there price a bit by knocking off nearly £10,000 of the cost , a great result and the school are proud as punch for the effort they still have a bit to do but they will do it , I have and will let you know the full extent when the pictures etc and the day unfolded when they have been checked as per the law , so when we get the nod we will put some pictures of the day and we hope you can see the delight on there faces ?? at the end they sang a song to Jane and myself which if I was not a hardened builder with skin like a Rinio and a heart of steel , !!!!!!!! I would have had a tear !!!!! it was worth the cause just to see and hear there delight . until its all ready I will let you know . We will basket the birds tomorrow (Thursday ) and try and sex the birds !!!!! and put the list on in the evening ? all is ok here the birds are in great shape , we hope you are getting ready to pair up ready for you to send down to Somerset ` keep watching I might have something to say ,!!!!!!!!! Thanks,  Terry    



21st November

The Doncaster is tomorrow (sat) so may see you there ! Wednesday 26th Nov we are off to Newport in Wales , The school that won the `Flight of  `Remembrance`trip was won by the Syndicate `Pardell times 4 ` and as Tony Butterjegg  is the youngest in the syndicate and has children  at the school he put forward for them to have the prize, after a long try and talking the school were unable to go to the trip (due to Health and Safety ) !!!!!!!!. so we are presenting the school with the cash so they can do as they wish with . which we believe they are going to reopen a wildlife path with the prize for the children to enjoy so a good cause ,  we will  let you know how it goes and will put pictures on etc next week , .

We will basket the Yearlings next week Thurs or Fri and try and Cock an Hen them  !!!! and put a list up as well , they are in cracking  condition  and  when they go out they fly most of the time . We hope to see you at Doncaster , if not we are at Telford next week ! Hope you have a good trip and we will update later. Terry




12th November  ,` Oh Dear`

We were watching a program about 3/4 weeks ago  ` Countrywide` I think , well one of there camera men / presenters spent god knows how long waiting for some buzzards to appear to film, what he was really waiting for was for Sparrow hawk or Falcon to come along and attack the Buzzard , there has been a mass killing of Buzzards in the area where they were filming , was it a naughty pigeon fancier ` or a poacher , or a game warden causing this havoc to the buzzard , NO the mighty Falcon , the guys Face was lit up when the attack was happening showing the stealth like manner in which it was killed , he was delighted at the result ??? beggers belief .  Then a week ago it was reported that some one , I/e game keeper / poacher / pigeon fancier who ever was the cause of the decline in the buzzards , !!!!! put 2 & 2 together and I get 4 as they proved on TV that the falcon is a problem to the buzzard, so now 2& 2 make 7,,,, , when we asses things we simple people who want to enjoy our sport what ever it is, seem to look at the problem in front of us , or as presented  , But the people who are paid an awful lot of tax payers money to go round the long way to find a result and never get there , and always blame what they think is the problem , except what was proven to them in a film , filmed by a reputable TV crew , again beggers belief  to how they get a job . I believe Scotland has a Killing rule  now in place for the buzzards ,if you are found hunting one and in  `Jail`you go , ` what are they going to do to the Falcon` ? As in politics we hear and listen to the same dribble from MPs every year, even if we voted them in with this and that promises , we still hear dribble from them . it appears the RPRA committee are just the same , give them power and a chain to wear and theyare in  , most Goverments end up doing what they believe in and not what is wanted by us , so they look good in doing something , I believe if you give someone some thing to do they should do it , the rules are there for us , but not them, rules are there to guide , and to break if not practical and to put things right and simple ,  The RPRA are following politics and doing as they please with out regard for the Pigeon fancier , they should be leading the way as to what we need not what they want , now they have bad press and we are all noted in the same shame they are instilling into Pigeons at the moment , as we have spoken to many Non fanciers and they want to know what is happing to the amateur sport  of Pigeon Racing , I could not answer as we don`t know , it seems a closed shop until it is voting time I suppose.  It is raining here it is damp and I cannot let the birds out , so the soap box is out again , I did a little thing like this in school with regards Football and Rugby  we were forced to play Rugby not Soccer , in the end we got Rugby and Soccer but because I spoke out I had to stand in the vestibule every play and games time , !! then someone else spoke out that was a bit higher than me  , but he had the same idea, did he get punished  `NO` he was left alone as he was a prefect` and in the  A stream and I in the  B stream. again rules for one and rules for us as is happening in Pigeons , We got them both in the end and I played for the School in both Rugby and Soccer because I enjoyed them both and was OK as well at them  , that is all we really need now to just get on with it so we can all enjoy the Pigeons . politics ruin every thing because nobody trusts them. any ideas let me know ,  `opps`    The pigeons are fine and loving every moment of doing as they please , that is until I Tell them `Bed Time ` Terry          

7h November.

Well the yearlings are well on there way now with the  moult nearly over with a few to drop there last wing feathers they are looking  suburb a real treat to look after, we went Epsom and had a good day lots of new interest so we shall see, many were glad to see we are keeping the cost at £100 as people want to have some fun , as most things cost matters and the times are not for the only the wealthy we are helping to help people enjoy a one loft race they can test there birds in , The Yearling race is a great race to be in . and as it gets to the Final is as exciting as you could wish for . We went to some sales and was amazed at the prices for birds that were sold , I hope they breed racers ? I am glad we are holding a Yearling race as the cost of One Loft Birds at Auctions does not do the birds justice , well I suppose to some people they are having proven One Loft birds ,  !!  but are they`  as we are not having a sale of our birds as  we our having a Yearling race to prove your birds are the best not to be sold for a `Tenner` . We are not competing like Tesco and Sainsburys , no need to`as we prove it , we payout the best percentage for the amount of intake and want to better the £21,000 1st prize in 2015 . We do not limit who can come in we want to enjoy the pigeon racing as we have disabled , old fanciers and young and we now have quite a few Non Fanciers as well , if we limit it we could lose those people having a bit of fun, The weather is now changing for the worse wet  and damp, it has been a good summer and Oct was good as well  , hope we don`t have to pay for it later on` good here 2015 forms started coming in , Doncaster show next might see you there, we were asked to the Durham show but unfortuntly we can`t make it due to being in 3 places at once ,  `so decided can`t go to one then stay in bed so we don`t upset anyone `!!! only joking , Update later Thanks , get them pairs ready . Terry


26th October,  Just an Update, 

The birds are looking a treat now most of the moult is over , we now have them in the Yearling wing and we will let them out next week to get used to trapping in there ! then we will split them up into cocks and hens and part them for a while . but they are looking a treat , we notice lots of sales now gearing up for you to purchase the best birds ??? all are saying these birds have done this and that and are now the best . Well i don`t think so ` all paper talk and for more money for you to pay , if you wait for a few months our Yearling race here will be over and i am sure we will have the real `best pigeons in Europe finishing there Yearling Challenge ` these pigeons finished our racing in 2014 and all came home from the Final. the best reward for them and us is the birds going on a 400 mile race to prove they are the best, also with the Channel to cross a true race from proper pigeons , so keep your pounds saved up and don`t be tempted to buy the lesser ones , they are talking you into buying  so they can go on holiday` after the Yearling final the birds that return and if the Owners want to we will Auction the Yearlings in the Marquee soon after the Final Yearling race makes sense to wait as the best is coming up for sale, first off we want them to prove it, things happen,`perfection is worth waiting for` all is good here Epsom show on the 1st Nov, might see you there , Terry   

 29th October. 

The Yearlings have been marked and the list is on `BASKET LIST` . What we will do is send everyone a list of the birds and forms in `THE POST` with a stamp on it !!! so all should get it , as some are on email and some not , and some on emails don`t look for 8 weeks and miss a lot !!! and some don`t know what email is !!!!!! , only joking ` . but the post is the best way , well we have to hope so as `ANY thing with `ROYAL ` in the beginning  has to be watched  !!!!!! as they have there own way of ..........  missing things , so let`s hope you all receive your post . ? The Birds are fine and in good order, we have had quite a few return some with 3/4 birds , the forms will explain how we will help and run the Yearling race , so please wait for the `Post next week , if you do not receive any thing let us know etc etc` we have some name changes to make this will be done for next time , if you want to change the racing name let us know so we can change it for you . There is 191 yearling birds in the lofts so a good number to start with !!!. weather is changing now , so get the woollies out.  Thanks Terry 


5th October            The Yearlings

The Yearlings went out today and had a good flip around with about 3/4 flying for 1hr or more but all is well and they are starting to look good again !!!  We will mark all the birds next week ` poss Thursday ? and we will send ALL people with Yearlings a list and a form letting you know how we hope it will run !! so the end of next week or the following week you should have all the info for the Yearling race. The Epsom show is not long away about 3 weeks so we may see some of you there? Not a lot happening at the moment , all quite on the `Somerset Front `  hope all is well every where, if any thing pops up let me know and I will to . Thanks Terry


28th September

The Yearlings have been out a couple of times , had baths and a fly around , the loose feathers are slowing down now just 1 bucket full per day now !! we have had a few return and `were they glad they were home ! what we will do is mark all the birds in a couple of weeks to see who is `in ` and put that on the web site , we will also contact all who have a yearling in the lofts with a summery of how we hope to run it , I/e race dates ` race points , Hot Spots etc , so you may get a little letter in a couple of weeks , all is good here at the moment the birds are in great shape, except for a little moult ` but all is good , We have bookings in for next year coming in all the time so looking good , for 2015 , Our new forms for 2015 are being prepared and will be ready soon so if you want a new Application form give a ring or email , hope all your birds are settling down now racing is over , if we have any news we will let you know , Thanks Terry    


17th September

The last 4 birds going to there stock lofts left today and we have 1 person coming Saturday to pick out his birds for ` stock or to race ` as he has been on holiday so what we shall do is wait to all the birds are moulted through in a couple of weeks time , well there body moult any way !! feathers every where !! we will then mark them all for a listing and see if who is `Cock or Hen !! , they will now be known as `The Yearlings ` so not to confuse people or me ! they are good fun to have at the moment as they are in playing mode and hav`nt been out for 2 weeks , they will go out next week for a couple of baths etc ` we are looking forward to them being around in the winter and can`t wait to get them back on the road , our yearling race is as good as you can get ,` Are the top guns going to pull it off or are the ones that didn't shine to well going to be the front ones to beat !! the birds will change some get better some don`t but at the end of the racing every single bird is worth it`s weight to any one , we will also shortly put the race program up once we have it all in . We will also notify all `Yearling owners of what and how will happen and cost`s etc in a few weeks or so .  The shows are coming up fast and we hope to see you at one of them ??  Not a lot happening just yet if we have any news etc we will update , I will put a year summery later on and put it on `Letters page` hope it is not a long one , Thanks Terry  



10th September

Birds having a ride home to the `stock loft ` are on there way they were picked up at 20.00 hrs and they assured me they will be delivered tomorrow ! time they will call you , they have your Name , Address , and Telephone No and Post Code ,  The service from `HIGHFLYERS  is way above any one else, and if they get to you  tomorrow , no other courier will guarantee that sort of Service , don`t forget you get £5 .00 off as well from them !!!!! . but you have tell the driver ! The birds now are going thro` the moult and look as if they could not walk a mile let alone be the Atheltes they are , in a month all `prim and proper` , if no more go back then we will have 180 at the moment and we have some people on holiday so hoping they keep in we get a few more , all this week we have had birds return , a bit of East in the wind to help them , time to move on now , and next year is nearly here so get them nest boxes cleaned out to breed the best young birds to enter next year !! . I will update from time to time , may be a bit of this and that , but keeping it going , !! Thanks Terry 


6th September

 The birds have been marked , it is ALL the birds in the loft, we have taken out the ` Homer`s and are waiting for Wednesdays pick up , we also have a couple of fanciers coming to check over there birds to see if they are fit ` to go in there stock loft !!! so we may have a few more to add on later , so far we have 166 birds in for the Yearling so a good number to start , with maybe a few more later ? they are now in the moult mode , with some looking and feeling like a rag doll !! but in a couple of weeks , `strutting there stuff around ` again ,  What we will do is once ALL the Yearlings are in and sorted we will Basket and list them again in say 2/3 weeks, we know there are extras and we know fanciers have 2/3 birds in the loft , so the list for all to see, any problems just give us a ring to see .We have had about 6 arrive that have been in some where and been kept , and then ` Escaped` all is good and the birds are happy , not been out for a week , `just in case one going home got lost or something !! so now in the week we will let them out and give a good old `Bath`, We have had lots of good calls from people with regards our final , a good one we all know but still a tough one to get over ,a good start is needed and then up to them , also we have had good response form the public with regards the `Flight of Remembrance , that has gone well with the public so at least some good came of the hard work , and it appears the way it was shown and set up has been noted as well , so we shall see ! but now time for the Yearlings and planning for 2015 , shows are next ,,, November 1st one at Epsome ` then Doncaster , then Telford all in November ! still no rest for the wicked `! hope your racing was good this year , update later ,keep looking I will always put some thing on to read , Good or Bad !!  Thanks Terry 


4th September.

           After our Super Young bird Final` people have now seen the light and want a super Yearling Race

THE YEARLING CHALLENGE IS `ON ` WE WILL RUN A RACE FOR 2015 , WELL DONE TO ALL .  We have 200 birds in the loft of which 10 returned from the Folkestone race the week before the final . we have approx. 30 birds going back next week ! so we hope there is no late ones as there is a few people we cannot contact , but if they have them back then we are ok for numbers for the Yearlings , The birds going home `WILL BE PICKED UP ON WEDNESDAY 10TH SEPT` AND WILL BE DELIVERED ON THURSDAY THE 11TH , ALSO YOU WILL GET £5.00 OFF THE COST IF YOU SAY THE BIRD CAME FROM `THE SOMERSET ONE LOFT`, A NICE `JESTER` FROM THE COURIERS ` HIGHFLYERS`. We are still getting birds return I will contact people after Wednesday if you have any extra birds home, but keep watching the basket list !!!  Cheer up the BEST yearling race is going to happen . Terry


1st September .

The Yearling Challenge is picking up over100 entered and looking good , will have a prize fund of £10.000 at least, the more entered the more pay out . For the ones who are going to Lock there young birds up in a stock loft for a year or two I will have them ready for a courier to collect in one go and deliver as they do, some time next week, if you want to come and collect them please let us know and Sunday will be a good day and I will get them ready for you to pick them up unless we are told different I have taught them how tunnel out of trouble so it may cost you to have them returned to you a few times if you let them out !!!! Please ring if you are collecting 2 days notice so we are here I can not get your birds ready unless you ring Thanks Terry . 

        `THE YEARLINGS`   I WILL MARK ALL THE BIRDS ON SUNDAY 31st AUGUST , we have had a few more return and I will  put them on the `Basket list Sunday Evening, I am a little disappointed that people are sitting on the fence waiting to see what is happening I cannot say yes or no unless you do,  please let me know.

UPDATE 30th , The response to the yearling has picked up and looking good we still  need you to decide asap , what we will do to be fair , is split the cost for you . you send £100 .00 to enter and £50.00 if your bird makes it to the 1st Hot Spot , hope that helps , oh also we have a few thinking about taking the young bird back and putting it in the stock loft , !! if it comes home from the Yearling Final you WILL have one of the BEST birds in Pigeon racing . `no pressure really ` Terry    

31st August,

The birds are in great shape and are now getting ready for there yearly moult , feathers now appearing ,more to come , it would be nice to keep them all as team for yearling race, but I understand why some want there birds to sit in there stock loft , wondering why !!!!! and why there old mates are having fun at `Home` We have marked all the birds in the loft except  3 in rehab ` we marked 181 birds 3 returned on the Saturday and Sunday of the Final and 3 arrived on the Friday from Folkestone and did not go to the final . So far we have 19 wanting to take there birds back . we still have few to let us know , we had 3 people change there minds and left the birds in as they can see a good challenge .We have one or two that want to Auction there birds which can not happen with no birds !! We have tried to help with split Payment which is fair , (no where does it). and if you want to keep your bird/s in we can offer a pay as you go scheme if needed , just a call will do , it appears I am giving you all a chance to enter the yearlings now we are running one , when most were asking if we were, the Yearling One Loft is one of the best races for the birds to enter in and is one of the best races happening` and to get one home or win it is special pigeon , we are doing it for your enjoyment as well as the Challenge , One Year we had a bird that came back late and did not go to the final , stayed in for the Yearlings and Won the yearling Challenge !!  We will make a final decision next weekend , so far it looks good but we need more, I will update later if needed.  Terry  




               24th August, 2014  FINAL RACE YPRES


                                                          Summery of the year in brief .

The intake went quite well and we thought w were going to get the numbers we wanted , to pay out the £50,000 but not to be , we still had a good turn out and the birds that came were in great shape we sent 4 sets of entries back as there were not ready and not up for the task ahead , not liked but not my fault ! The sickness side was as good as we could ask for nothing really bad , April saw some of the birds go down with a bug which was late for here , so a later intake bird bought a bug in !! young birds need to have a clean `air space` , the training started and went well although the birds were being hit every time about 10 miles out , The Hot Spots were good fun with good pigeons on the day performing for there owners, The final was as good as you could get from any where , first time for more than 1 bird to arrive and any of the 7 could of won , but Fine Arts was in by a `wattle` very excited the owner was as well  , (2 new holes in the tent). Because of the remembrance of 100 years of WW1 we had a lot of outside interest , the Media were allways around for this and that but the Final was a bit different . In Ypres we had a good bunch of people watching and we there Mayor to watch as well , we had a presention for them of a Painting of Ypres and a old Pigeon Transporter  plus  £1000 for there children fund , went down very very well , we had the Ypres press and radio there for the liberation along with about 30 Committee of the Town Hall / Museum , all went well ,   at the home end we had about 350 people enjoying our food and banter in the tent for the afternoon , and a very special race unfolded all were delighted what happened and enjoyed the day. We had the BBC TV and ITV , filming the home side of the race and that excited a lot of people they were filmed in there glory ` sat down with a beer in one hand a fag in the other` ,watching the birds come home , !!!! if you go in to the websites of the BBC and ITV and put in BBC Points West up it will come and ITV Somerset, and play around a bit you will see the TV shooting`` !! a good year unfolded and ended in 9 hrs , the birds were great and performed for most people to enjoy . we now need people to enter there birds in the Yearling race , so think about it and let us know, the yearling race is again as good as any racing any where and is a great thing to enter, The year was good all along ,  the racing was as tense as it should be as some people lost a fortune for only 1/2 a second ........  Thanks to all who entered and to the ones that came hope you had a good day and the racing was as od as you wanted !!!!, comments in the fancy press are welcome . we had a good year racing and we enjoyed it , if you entered another One Loft they have there work cut out to beat us this year ,  Thanks and we will let you all know on here about the Yearling race , we need the birds entered in to go ahead so please enter them ASAP . Terry





26th August                                        Day 3 of the Final   UPDATE 21.30.

The clock is now off and the Final result is on  Results , the Winners and pools etc will be on tomorrow, and I will give a summery of the race etc etc` but please read and note below . Terry 


The weather on Monday was not good really for returning birds but 15 made it through the rain and low cloud . Tuesday up to 1.pm no birds arrived due to the `again bad start this morning rain and low cloud still waiting although all the prizes are taken we have left the clock on till 6 tonight and a final result will be on after then !! In all the Final day was great and a credit to the birds , the following days were not good for later returns !! . the birds we have are great and soon recovered after the race and are now bouncing ,. if you want your birds back please let us know A.S.A.P as it is `important ` if you do want them back and want to pick them up then the weekend of 6th / 7th of September will be set aside for you to pick them up ,but you must let us know so we can get the birds ready for you.  WE CAN NOT LET BIRDS GO BEFORE THOSE DATES OF THAT WEEKEND.

  We have 158 birds , without any late ones coming home . and we want to run a yearling race, we can only do a yearling race with your birds here , we need a minuium of 150 birds to have a go , so we need you all to keep your birds to do the yearling race, it will be £150.00 per bird for the yearlings to train and have 3 Hot Spot races and the final from HASSALTT 400 MILES , a great test for them to finish . so again please let us know what you want to do as we have to make a decision very soon , if we do not have a yearling race the birds as per normal will be allowed to return to you as normal , of which the carriage is up to you , BUT we do want to hold a yearling so have trust in your bird it has just proved it can handle the best against the best now it needs to be rewarded to be the best bird in the UK by being allowed to compete in the tough Yearling race let us know please ASAP I will update the result tonight . Terry 



25th August

What a race ` first time more than 1 bird from the Final `brilliant , the 300 odd people were in great joy at seeing the birds drop in , and the little bu...rs beat me home as well by 35 mins !!! great pigeons to get home , fit and ready for action !! well done all , 2nd day a few home raining  and low cloud but some made it through ! I will update later and we will update the result when needed , well all , , Terry  


22nd August  UPDATE 20.30 pm . The birds are in the transporter ready for tomorrow all is good all are in good `chilling mode` . For all the people who are coming on Sunday to the Final , we have a special for you to enjoy !!!!!!! We have the BBC and ITV television cameras coming to film you all waiting and being on your best behaviour ???? and also to film the birds arriving , and to see if we can get home before the birds???? we were also on our local radio this morning , went well ! had good response from it , so done its job ! well Sunday is coming , If you are traveling tomorrow bed early tonight ,as you may have a long night on Saturday talking  ` A` Pat `. hope to see you all Sunday ,,, after I I have seen the birds in !! . Terry

Well the birds had there last night in the Lofts before the big race , they were so calm you would think they had no Pressure !!!!  human sports people get all sorts of worrying and pre match bits and bobs ` But not the racing pigeon no worries take it in there stride , then 5 minutes before lib we get them going in the baskets and the buzz is electric then off to do there job !! they are all fine and the weather is still ok for Sunday for both sides of the channel . we had 2 birds back on Thursday not been in any where but made it back, they will not be going to the Final . The pools are mounting up will be well over £5,000 this time, we can do no more to get you to come and watch, we will have our Guess the Flight time , a Raffle , and food on offer , what more do you want !!! and it looks like we will have a full tent !!? and the birds are ready to perform and hopefully to entertain you on Sunday , we will put the Lib time asap , and good luck to all , Terry & Jane

                                                        ` The winning bird is coming home `            

20th August                 ` THE FINAL IS HERE`  `THE ONE EVERYONE WANTS TO BE IN `

The birds have had a good health check up today ready for the Final race , Folkestone was a tough race for the birds and it really gets them in the right frame of mind for a hard race , Folkestone is 160 odd miles and not many Nationals etc do that with 3 /5000 young birds let alone our 4/500 having to go it alone , now we have the biggest test for them to do `Ypres` 265 miles, for the 384 birds to `race and think and to get them selves out of trouble if needed, we have watched thousands of birds in France just not going over the green line to the grey water , and they just go up and down for hours and some for days , our little bunch have a task to do by them selves , the birds are as well trained as they can be, they are ready for it ` it is now up to them to prove it , I was quite happy to get 33 home last year on the day , but to some people a disaster !! we then had over 130 the next day just dropping in all day , these have had the same training , and we have a nice sunny ish day forecast !, if you dropped birds at Folkestone I am sorry and we do not do it on purpose ` good birds lose there way and the early winners may just pop out of form , 1 loss could be 2 forms missing as cock and hen may be then parted !!!. this Final believe me is as tough as you can get  384 birds to race over the channel !! they can all do it they just have to prove it , We had a few back on the Sunday and we had NONE after that, so every bird is fit and ready , and any birds come back now from last week will have to do 100 press ups to be even considered !!!!! `no bird returning now will go to Ypres ` we have good weather forecast, wind a bit tricky , and we should have a `Tense Tent` as well between 12 and 2 on Sunday , good luck everyone your birds have done fantastic to get here and we want them all home , so cheer the lot on . The Final Basket list is now on ` BASKET LIST ` and get them pools in we have over £2200 at the moment , your bird could be the one , not just 1st Prize but pools as well , will the Mendip Ace Pigeon show you all how to do it ! or has it done its bit , the owner has pooled it , (his first time ever )??  we will put the Liberation time on Sunday as soon as the birds are up , have a good and safe trip to Somerset , and I hope to meet you all before the birds are home ( I don`t mind if they beat me really ) in fact I would be pleased for them !! See you Terry   


19th August

We have a few more birds back over the weekend so we will MARK ALL THE BIRDS ON ` WEDNESDAY` list will be on early evening , if you are pooling please do so ASAP , Dinner tickets for the evening are going well so if you are staying better be quick to order as we only have 20 places left that is for the evening, so gone well ,! the afternoon is filling up and should be a good day ! The Sunday weather forecast is a good day with the wind a little against the birds so will be interesting ` We were interviewed on Local Radio on Monday and it will be on the Radio `FRIDAY radio Somerset some time between 6 till 9 !!!!!!. For the Sunday the press and TV cannot come to Ypres with us , but the BBC TV is hoping to come to the Lofts on the Finals Day Sunday to film all here and hopefully the birds arriving ? but we will have to wait and hope they do come to us ??? . All the birds are fine and in good order.  . basket list tomorrow . Thanks Terry     


16th August 

Clock is now off , and the updated result is on `Race Results , The Ace Pigeon is on as well on `Ace Pigeon 

As to the Ace Pigeon Congratulations to Dave & Debs Hunter of `Mendip Lofts` there are new`ish to the sport and have raced with us for 6 years ,and they have got some really cracking birds and deserve this win as I know it means a lot to them  as the birds are well tested here and that is what they want , so well done in the result  coming 3rd as well . As to the winner Grand Slam good solid pigeons never quite showing there true worth , this shows they have it to do . 2nd is O`Bryan & Jones winners of our very first race 7 years ago , got his Birds back as they should be , good racing birds , also well done to all it was a tough race for the birds in the end , just shows a good day dos`nt always give you good racing , as always what ever happens to the birds we just do not know !!! I will mark all the birds FRIDAY for the Final from `Ypres`  and the list will be on `Basket List` FRIDAY evening ` `This would help us  a lot` If you are going to Pool your Birds please do so before the Saturday as it really is our busiest day and time is very Limited, so if you could get pools in by Friday night will be a great help and appricated !! The birds are fine and have had a good day in with food in front all day , and they are now back to there old selves , out in the morning for a bath and a fly , let1s hope more arrive later , update tomorrow night with the foremat of the Final .  I have just been asked also` if you are coming to Somerset for the Final , again Please let us know as it is all home cooked food and Numbers are needed , and we have tickets for the afternoon and evening £5.00 per head for the afternoon and £20 .00 for the afternoon and evening , the evening is a 3 course home made Dinner of  Starters,Steak Pie and Potatoes and veg , pudding and wine on the table,  ! and we have a comedy act and singer , plus a disco with a difference ?? for the evening , The afternoon is a buffet` so names and numbers are required, sorry to say ` NO ticket ` No Grub ! we have a bar as well to enjoy, and above all a Somerset welcome and the birds arriving in style ???  good stuff ,    Thanks Terry  


15th August,

The last Hot Spot was as tricky as ever , it is always a test for the birds and this was no exception ` after the storms we had on Thursday on arriving at Folkestone the skies were quite calm , the morning was a bit blustery but that was needed to move the low cloud , by 6.30 all the clouds were gone and the Sun was out in full view , We had a visit from the Mayor Mr Clive Goble  who was recognising our effort for the WW1 bit a really nice Gent who remembers his Grand father keeping Pigeons in early 1900s so this was a good reminder to him of his youth and he helped to release the birds by pulling one Lever and having a picture of it for the local paper !! he was well pleased how the birds came out and how they  had a look around at next weeks task !!! , the birds had a good start and as the line on the motor ways was a bit `low cloud ish the birds would of headed along the coast for a while ?? what happens on route we do not know , but a call after 4 hrs with no birds home something was a miss ! then they started coming home in a few minutes,  the front runners doing a good time and were worth the winning positions, class pigeons ` will progress`... it dried up after 2 ish and 1s and 2s came in , I don`t mind them having a bit longer on the wing from here as they have it even harder next week for the Final , `NO` simi final should be easy , from here to us it is never that` a light west wind was just right , I would like to say well done to the winners well deserved, the Ace pigeon is over and all will be reported after the race closes tomorrow , but again the winner deserved as being consistent over the 4 Hot Spot s so to the New winner of the Ace Pigeon has your bird got it to win the Final race ? some of the birds returned worn out from trying there best , but it only took them a couple of hours to get back in to home life again chasing and swooning around the lofts , `fit atheletes will always recover quickly as they are fit , so no problem there , just pure dedication to get home is what is needed, the ones home now you would think just did a 20 miler not nearly 200 if not more !! we will update the result as we can , but the ones home ```` next week is what they want , and that is one to be proud of , let`s hope more arrive tonight and tomorrow as they `do want to go ` Thanks Terry 




 14th August   

The birds are all in the baskets and are on the transporter ready for tomorrows Folkestone Hot Spot 165 miles. We are looking at a 7am Lib but please check the liberation time on the latest news in the morning.

Basket List now on  in `BASKET LIST`

Lets hope we have good weather and a good race. Good luck to all.



13th August  `4th Hot Spot` FOLKESTONE IS NOW FRIDAY 15th August,  looking for 7am LIBERATION.   Weather is not good for Thurs with rain and wind , Friday sees a clear day but with a bit of a brisk N/W wind , so a toughie for them to think about, I will mark the birds Thurs afternoon and list will be on early evening ? pools are being taken by phone or email, this is the last Hot Spot and the Ace pigeon is up for grabs as well , so good luck everyone the Final is next ` has your bird got it in them to complete the lot ?  get them home from this Hot Spot and it is anybody`s to win the final,  Thanks Terry. 

10th August

The weather is now in full blow mode ` birds went out midday and flew in the wind for about 2 1/2 hrs , they were zipping and darting the skies and really enjoying the fly , weather looks really windy early in the week so we will see, nice to get a trainer in Monday / Tuesday but looks unlikely as to the big winds !! but they will be Ok for Folkestone , they are fit enough and ready for it , so I have no worries dropping them into it , as long as the weather is OK and they are left alone they will be fine ! Thursday looks OK a bit of rain later but ok wind wise as it should be a 10/15/ mph West wind , ? but we will see , , all is well with the birds we have, and they are now charging around the lofts trying to get mates etc` , update if any news happens , Thanks Terry 

7th August , UPDATE : the 2 birds with wing damage are out of the racing  poor things ! we have 1 reported by a pigeon fancier that he watched 3 Falcons hit our bunch and were playing with the one he got later and of course they hit the 2 on the wings , how they limped home I do not know ! the one the guy picked up is dead , it happened about  10/15 mins after we liberated them so before Salisbury plain, he said they were quite high when they were hit , and took a bunch of 100 away and kept playing with them , obviously trying to teach there young !!!!!!!  Other wise a good trainer for them , and they are looking the part , we are still 35 away so let`s hope they are home soon , , the weather is not good for a while and we will have to watch that for next week , it would be nice to get another trainer in Monday , but we have big Bertha the Hurricane coming Sunday ?? . the birds are fine and OK our early preparation etc is now paying off when it should . I will update later when something happens , Thanks Terry  

7th August , 6.30am  Liberation

The birds were liberated at 6.20. no wind and the sun was up and shining ! The result on `Training Results again tells how they are doing, some are still making hard work of it , altho , Salisbury plain has and still is cutting its crops , so weather they are having a free take away I don`t know , but we have 2 bad falcon attacks and I am afraid the 2 birds are out of the racing this year, both have there wing front bone broken and how they got home we do not know !! but one just dropped out of the sky and landed heavy on the grass , the other walked up the steps and stood by the door we just picked both up , a shame , we are still a few away but most are home so we hope they return later , 1s and 2s now I expect !! will update later . Terry  


6th August

The birds are in the basket and on the transporter for there 60 miler tomorrow, weather is good !! we will time them in on arrival and we hope all goes well so good luck to all , these in betweene`rs are as bad as the first ones for the nerves !!!  Terry


5th August

The birds are fine and it looks like a Thursday trainer as the weather is all over the place ! will update when we know , The TV and reports on the WW1 remembrance were very good  and we have had a few calls to say that people were glad they entered our remembrance race and they are delighted we ran it , it goes to show a little thought and imagination things can be sorted ! we are hoping for a good response in Belgium as they are really pleased we are going there and we have opened them up a bit of what we do, they are moved by our Flight of Remembrance gesture` I will update a bit later on as to how and why we are doing this special race for us and them !, I do know that there remembrance bit Yesterday and near future was a real tear jerker for most. . update if any thing of interest happens, Thanks  Terry    


4th August    30 mile trainer on `Training Results`

30 Mile trainer this morning, birds liberated 6.15 am , Sun up and a Brilliant Morning for Pigeons, The birds looked to clear well until out of sight ` while closing up about 150 ish  came back over the transporter ??? nothing chasing them all seemed OK ! but `why` , on returning most birds were home with still a few to come , the trapping was as quick as ever !!! and as the result shows most came together , the ones that ` came back ` must of caught the others up ?? still as long as they made it is what matters , `how is up to them ` update later , 60 miler Friday weather permitting !! . Terry 


1st August, (Already)

The birds had a day in Yesterday, and the weather is not good today , , Saturday is a wash out ! but we look Ok for a Monday trainer 30/40 miler ? weather permitting , It is nearly 2 weeks to the 4th Hot Spot and we will have a couple of trainers to keep them going , to others`  `race`s,  but trainers here !!!! the test for the birds is now`,  they have to show they are up for the job we do not send unfit birds to any races or trainers , they have to prove they can go to the Final race, some may struggle as the heat is on , but by the looks and condition of the birds there should be no problem !!! I will basket the birds on Sunday evening and we will time them in from the trainer , we had 2 back this morning 3 days after the hot spot ? a little flown out but in good order , both came together and were really happy to be home, and will NOT go on Monday, not a lot to report just yet so keep looking I may have some thing ?? Have good racing this weekend.  Terry


30th July

There has been an error made in the pools calculations  PLEASE SEE NEW RESULT WITH CORRECT POOLS. Sorry for this  Jane

30th July  Update . Results and prizes are on the ``Race Results`. Ace pigeon is now getting up and the title is any ones , the top is close but FOLKESTONE is the Final for the `ACE Pigeon`so it can still be there for the taking , I know there is avid `hopers for there pigeons to do well , but with this one it is the best pigeon over the 4 Hot Spots, the Final is a different matter, !!! Thanks updates later if needed, the birds are having a rest tomorrow so can chill out . Terry 

Had a few return in this morning , approx. 8.45./9 ish we had about 40 pigeons arrive in one group , about 10 /15 timed in , but the rest were strays , I have 21 in the basket with 5 sat on the roof , the thing is we have them from Kent , Wiltshire, Sussex and Dorset, ?? a wide variation of `clashing` , no phone calls yet for any of ours ? they are all in good order and a days rest will be welcome for them ! ,  The heat takes it toll as well as rain and wind etc , and we all have to think for the birds, the sun here in Somerset at 2 ish was over 30 degs, Time is now moving on and the so do the Pigeons we will assess for the next trainer which they must have ! we will put birds home on later , so keep looking they are coming home all the time ?? The Final Result will be put on later this evening , i/e winners, pools, ace pigeon , gold ring etc ,  Thanks Terry.  




Tunbridge Wells Hot Spot Birds liberated at 9.30 into light NW Wind

                           Good luck to all


TUNBRIDGE WELLS UPDATE : Arrived on site at 12. 45 am , raining quite hard with a cloud cover , raining till 4 am , wind came up moved the clouds and rain southwards, clear skies at 9 am , birds released in a clear light North West wind  , picking up on route ! as the result shows 40 mph ish was set by the main front runners , with quite good early returns , but there is always the last 100 odd that make hard work for themselves ! this was a good race for the birds and a good day with a brisk nose wind as per normal ! the birds returned in good order and soon got back into charging around the inside of the lofts , the recovery time was excellent for them , some of the later ones are showing a bit of `wear and tear ` I am sure they will be back bouncing tomorrow , we will update the clock result about 10, ish tonight for the later ones and we will keep the clock on tomorrow , we are hoping for 2 training tosses before the 4th Hot spot` when`   we will wait and see how the birds are , and the weather etc , Well done to the winners , a good race to win a good prize ,  update if needed later , Terry .

28th July ,


645 Birds marked and 1 in Rehab GB14R23557

Basket day is here for the little `Trojans ` weather looks good tomorrow , altho it is going to be quite hot later on , so I will be looking at an early lib 6.30. / 7 am low mist in the morning will decide on site , the birds are in good order, .will put marked list on early evening . Terry



25th July       4 Birds did not go to trainer , but will go on Tuesday . GB14B29083, GBS37322, GBX36505, GB14F12243 , OK now`

Birds liberated at 6am from 30 mile trainer 2 large batches trapped in minutes. :UPDATE:  Pigeons stop manoeuvres ::: Arrived on my usal Lib site 4.30 am looking for a 5.30 lib by 4.35 i had 500 armed troops etc , in full view , they were on exercise for there job , it looked like i strayed in to there`war zone` !! I was asked not to move and had a armed guard , on talking to him they have been out since 1.30. and had nearly finished the exercise, i came up and held it all up , he reckoned they may have to start again !!!!!! s..t . after a few radio calls and map reading , I was in the RIGHT `place, they were off course`````` they blamed the `sat nav` ?? but at 6.am we had 500 troops watch the birds go , . !! They cleared well (birds that is )  and looked on course, on arriving home Jane says the trapping was brilliant and fast as you can see , most are home but some are still making hard work of it, 1 hr after the first lot we had 12/15 arrive together, and lots of 1s and 2s  I hope they are not stopping off for a field feed on Salisbury Plain !!. this has put them ready for the   Hot Spot on Tuesday , it looks like a Hot day again so we are looking at an early Lib to help them cover the 122 miles, Get them Pools in there have been some good amounts won , The birds are in Great shape and are ready for the next challenge,on Tuesday , I will basket on Monday and put the Marked List on early evening ? i will update if needed , have good racing in your clubs etc . Terry     


24th July

The birds are in the basket and on the transporter for an early 30 miler lib tomorrow morning , will time in and put result on as required, ! Terry. 


22nd July UPDATE : Just a few more this afternoon , so lets hope they come later on ! any come in now will NOT go on any trainer this week but will have rest, The weather this week is hot and humid so we will watch that as well ! They are ready to move on , Ace pigeon and Result are on the pages ! Thanks Terry

A few in this morning , we have birds reported in Birmingham , Kent and Portsmouth areas !!! , I will be looking for 30 miler on Thursday / Friday weather permitting , it is 8.40 here now , and 25 degrees, so a warm one . we have put this mornings update on `Race Results` and we have put the Ace Pigeon on as to Yesterday and will be updated on Close of Race , 6 .o`clock tonight, so won`t change to much ! I can say this morning the birds are Bouncing and look in great shape , we have Cock birds marching up and down and Hens showing there fan tails and showing off , great to see, that's keep it up as the pressure for them and you increase`s !!!!!! I`m alright ???, Update  later . Terry   

21st July, 2014.
A great morning for the birds arrived on site 12 45 am , a good rest for the birds before liberating , we had a few local ladies watch what was going on , and they were impressed at the system etc , after explaining what we do !! on the release at 7.am they were amazed at how the birds went , as we were watching something went into the birds and split about 200 odd out and then a balloon type bunch of birds were thrown sky wards , Loo like a Falcon attack , nothing we could do ,, The result says it all , a good early return with good batches coming in , the later ones are still coming in slowly , looks like a sticky one for the late ones , no big groups 1s &2s etc , the birds home are in great shape and worked well , and really ate through the miles in a good time , I will update the list later , and see what happens , had to have a clout some time but at least most are home , let`s hope more work in tonight / tomorrow, Well done to the winners well worth it , good prizes as well  , Terry    UPDATE 21.50. A slow return for the afternoon but were still coming in at 9.30. we have put the last result for today on ` Result` and we hope to have a few more in the morning ,and hope it continues all day , we will keep the clock on till 21.30 tomorrow , The Final Result i/e Prizes, Ace Pigeon and pools etc will be tomorrow after the race has shut, 3rd Hot Spot as per list , 29th July 122 miles (phew) time is moving on quickly this year !!!! . update tomorrow . Terry 


20th July

Basket List now on for Tomorrows Hot Spot Haslemere 85 Miles

Good luck to everyone

20th July;

With the Activation of birds etc , we have increased the main race fund , we now believe we are the highest pay out for the amount of birds taken If the winning bird from the final is a Flight of Remembrance bird then it would win £21,000, not bad really for the cost and amount of birds, in fact one person said `Absolutely Brilliant`and a credit to all , we have put the new list on `2014 Prize Fund` We would like to thank you all for that and we wish all good racing , the fun is now in full flow here and the birds are in racing mode and I have told them the prize`s etc  and they were well up for it !!!!!! so good luck in the best racing in the Country. I will put the Marked list on early Sunday evening , , `for the 85 Mile Hot Spot from `HASLEMERE`  Terry 


19th July 

The Thunder and lighting lived up to its glory , a real sky show at Midnight , the rain was heavy , in fact I went to the lofts to make sure all was well , and had to stay there for 1/2 hr as the rain was belting  down , Jane never even noticed I was out !!!!!!!!!!!  . The birds are fine and having a day in . We have put a loft video on from Friday morning after the 60 miler , you may pick your bird out , `but are they looking well ? !!! Basketing tomorrow afternoon for Mondays Hot Spot , the weather looks good and I will be looking at a 7am lib again to help them , the Marquee people should be able to guess the arrival by now , but don`t miss Breakfast in the tent just because you think you know better ???? ! Good luck all  with your racing and if it your 1st young bird race , hope you got them well trained !!  no excuses now `  Terry


17th July .  60 mile trainer. UPDATE 7.45. update result on `Training Results ` not a bad trainer still a few to come in let`s hope they come home later /tomorrow, The birds are in good order and now look the part ready to move on , as any pigeon fancier knows the first few are hope and prey` thing ` in here now we want them all to perform , a good 60 miler was needed to keep them together, I am still brassed off tat they come home split up , yet again we have one with tallon marks and about 3 with tails hit, not a lot we can do about that as we have moved around to try and miss them , but we must crack on as it get tougher from now on and we do all we can to look after the birds they have to prove themselves here and for you to enjoy but in the end they must want to win` at the moment they have a buzz about the lofts , we must try and keep it that way, of course we are going to get some birds that make hard work of it, so we hope they get there heads on and perform , losing 1 in 10 is not a bad return and that is what we are achiving here at the moment not that bad at this pace and the mileage they are at, they are as fit as needed to get them to fly 10 /12 hrs, a lot for a young bird , ( some have to do 2 or 3 times ) !. They are up for it just need the best thing now to help them for free ,  `GOOD LUCK ` Haslemere is coming up on Monday . Terry .      

Birds were liberated at 6.10 am. in No wind , a 60 miler for them and a heart stopper for me !!!!! the result is on Training Results so you can see how it went , the result is to 10 am , last year at this stage we were over half  away , but we still have nearly 100 slumming it somewhere` today , not bad timing in but again the trapping was slow , the first bunch sat on the roof for 32 secs before going in !!!!! , they cleared well from the site and went in the right direction ` homewards` , great to see for Young birds , and this was a good toss for them at the right time, 85 mile Hot Spot on Monday (weather permitting) . The birds are doing OK the later ones are just doing extra training `! (I hope) , We will Mark the birds on Sunday and put the list on , hope yours is in, if not and if it comes back late it has learnt a lot !!!!. update this evening ?  Terry   


16th July 

Well as we are always up front , we were not very polite to the computer man !! , any way , it was not him it was Janes fault , as she did not press the right button to process it , if I was not married to her she would of been sacked , But `````` as I know not a lot , she has to stay , I and She apologize totally, we do have a new system but no excuse`s , Still the result is now on with the pools etc , a good turn out for the pools for the first race , also the Gold ring has attracted a great prize fund to win , and then of course the Ace pigeon` you will all be looking at , that is why we let the birds out and retrap , the 2nd Hot Spot will change it all ?? , The prizes are now set up to win and add that bit of win feeling for all . Just to make you all sit up again tomorrow , we are going to have a 60 miler trainer so we will trap them in and put the result on , we will be going early 6 ish lib , the excitement here is non stop `!!!!  Terry  UPDATE  We Have Thunder forecast Friday so the 2nd Hot Spot is Monday from Haslemere` . hope for a early Lib . 



15th July, The clock is now off. We have a problem with downloading the pool sheet and velocities etc,  we have the man looking at it and will fix it A.S.A.P. typical new program works in trails, but when needed ?? So we will put it all on when we can,   

Pools : The pools will be on result once the clock is off , as our program will work all figures etc as needed `when the clock is off` , that is how the program works, ( not us ) , more birds have arrived , and I have them all out ready to trap in again. On the 4 hours they were out 42 birds returned and clocked , update Later ???? . Thanks Terry


Race Update. I was a bit disappointed that there was not a pile of birds in the loft, 4 were in early ish, as I was scrapping out the noise on the roof was as if a 100 birds had arrived, about 30 turned up , `TOGETHER` 20 trapped and the rest sat on the roof for a bit , coming in dribs and drabs,  all looking quite good really considering they had a night out on the` tiles ` also I don`t know what some of you do at home or teach your birds to do , but we have about 5 little `clicks` in the loft that are at `Three some`s` and with one lot on a 4 some , just shows they watch what goes on while they are baby`s !!!!!!!!!! . we hope more turn up today , they will be let out later , to chill` a bit` this mornings result on `Race Results` update later. Terry    


14th July

HOT SPOT 1 WINCHESTER  The birds will be liberated at 7 am. Good luck to all.

The morning was a good time to Liberate the birds,with the sun coming out and clear sky`s 7 am they went and cleared within 1 min , what happened after then we do not know , but the main bunch hit home in 66 mins for the 55 miles so not to bad , there will always be late ones in racing and this is no different from 55 miles  a tricky mileage as really the birds need further to make them work as a team ! I have no worries about pigeons taking all day to return from here as they are learning and having a good look around !! the birds were coming in 1s &2s etc , with a few groups , then 1.40 ish a batch from the WEST of about 60 pigeons came in a racing line ! signs of a clash were there as per normal, in that 60 we had 9 Welsh Young birds with them so we will get them back to the border later or tomorrow, we have updated the result at 2 ish , and we will do so again  later. Well done to the first birds they did it on the day !!!  Terry UPDATE: Always a waiting game this 1st Hot Spot, the result shows how it went , we have a few in Southampton and a few on the Welsh Boarder, 90% had a good learning curve today as some had 10/ 12  hrs flying !! having a good look around ! , we have put a latest result up to 9.30. and we update tomorrow , the clock is on for the morning so we are hoping some will be in , I did miss out that 743 birds went to the Hot Spot, Monday looks good for the next Hot Spot as we have Thunder on Thurs / Fri , `well the air will not be good for them ? The Gold Ring has a great prize of £900 per Hot Spot to win , the bird today was the 2nd in the result , belonging to Logan & Lilly Flyers , by Paul Hume` . the winning bird Ken Briggs , great flyer with real tough pigeons up for it , 3rd Old Micky Watts again , well done all your birds had a little tough one and are responding well a little late some of them so lets hope they learn. update tomorrow. Terry   


13th July

The Birds have been marked for Tomorrows Hot Spot Race please see basket list

If you want to Activate Reserve Birds, Gold/Poppy Ring or Pool Please contact by Phone or e-mail but be patient it will be busy in the office this evening


12th July

Well the birds are resting now for the night and will not go out tomorrow, they will have a lazy morning , then Dinner  as much as they need 4 hrs before Basketing , Pools are coming in nicely and the Gold rings have taken off well , if you do know what you are going to do either pool or gold ring  then please call in be A.S.A.P so we can change things for the Hot Spot other wise you may miss out !!!! weather forecast is ok for Monday, I will be looking at a possible 7 oclock morning Lib for the Hot Spot , so home around 8 / 8.30 ish ??? so sorry to say the Bacon Butties breakfast in the tent will be early if you are coming , reason I am trying to help the birds have a free sky as they have had it tough most times , and I am hoping they find there safe line home  for the longer Hot Spots. Thanks Terry.


6th July.      UPDATE: Clock off, a tough trainer for some of the birds we have 6 birds that have been molested on there way home ! they will return to the same lib point on Tuesday , weather permitting ! at this stage as they progress on they encounter the devils in the sky quite a bit and it terrifies them , we can notice when they have been hit when basketing them , some flip and jump and make a struggle to get back in the basket today we had quite a few do it , we are a few away so let`s hope they return in the morning !! Last update times on Training Results, next trainer Tuesday ?   Terry  

Birds Liberated at Stonehenge 2.30 pm will update on result page `say ` 4.30 pm ish !! ??? Terry 

UPDATE: Birds up in a 10 mph S/West wind.  The birds went straight and headed for home , I watched them for 10 mins getting further away in circles , all looked good as they were out of sight, on returning it looked ok but Jane said they were nervous , and by the result they have been split up , we have one back with his back open and another with her tail out , a lot sat on the roof for a while which they just do not do `! , some were jumping on the roof as one`s landed , so they had a real set to today !!! still a few away but some returning in 10s 1s and 3s etc , we will update later , not a bad trainer just not perfect , they will have to learn how to out fox the demons on route home !!. Terry  Result on `Training Result`


5th July

We will have another trainer tomorrow (Sunday) but after Dinner to let any other little races get going, so we will TIME them in , the clock has been tested, and we let the birds out this afternoon and timed them in and it worked OK so try again tomorrow !! ???? we will put the result on when required ! Thanks  Terry .   P/S I said on Friday that when I got home Jane was Climbing the Walls because the clock did not work , ` Not really true `she can`t stand Heights` !!!!!!!!!!!! 


4th July 

Birds were released at 6 .50 am , in a breezy South west wind , The birds were straight out the basket and on there way , as they do not hang around I have bought a pair of Binoculars to hopefully see them , the time I zoomed in to them  they were well on the way and all stayed together for once ! on me arriving home they were obviously home , BUT the bl..dy clock did not work after the first few clocked in , Jane was climbing the walls in horror ! nothing we can do till Unikon wake up at 9ish ?? but we have put the ones it did clock first, and as you can see the first couple have no time just a code , so we think , THE BIRDS BLEW IT UP TRAPPING !! but believe me they were great today most home in under 1/2 hr for the 25 miler , Sunday they will be at the 30 miler, weather permitting , if we can update later we will . Terry


3rd July

Birds are in the basket ready for an Early lib tomorrow morning hoping for a 6 am lib , weather permitting ! will put the result on as needed !!!! good luck , up to them now ! Terry.



We will not make the listed Hot Spot on 8th July , as we are a week behind due to things happening in the loft a bit later , so we will have the 1st Hot Spot from Winchester on MONDAY 14TH JULY 2014. and we will see how it goes for the next Hot Spot , should be OK once we get going and the birds are well on there way , just saves rushing them when no need to !!, next toss , Thursday / Friday, see the weather etc first thing !! then  Sunday , then 2 tosses at Andover ready for the Hot Spot ! `Phew all this`planning ` let1s hope they have there heads on and eat the miles up !!! Terry   

1st July


Liberated the birds at the 2nd 20 miler up at 1. 43 pm , result is on `Training Result `, much better today , altho` only a few away , we wanted them to prove there selves , move a notch on Thursday / Friday depends on weather etc , so onward to the 30 miler ! !!  they are bouncing at the moment let`s hope they can stay there ? as you can see we alternate the times for libs and we do not go to the same lib point we moved around , hoping of course it works !! , we will up date later if needed , (whispering) but going well !!!!!! Terry.